I Am Stressed 😖

Daily Motivation 342


It was one of those days yesterday
An impossible workload and unmovable deadlines looming
After the highs of the last few days, I could feel overwhelm creeping up on me and knew that something had to give. I know myself well enough to have witnessed the first two signs that I am stressed:

  1. I snapped at Dom
  2. I couldn’t breath deeply

Thankfully I taught two meditation classes and one yoga class yesterday, which meant that I had the opportunity to drop down back into peace every few hours; I LOVE MY JOB!

Do YOU know your signs though?
Do YOU know the first signal that you’ve got to put the brakes on and make some changes? Or do you ignore the red flags and soldier on? And if you do turn a blind eye to the initial warnings, how long are you going to let this stress into your orbit? And at what cost?

I must look after myself
For ultimately nobody else can do that job for me; it’s my responsibility
And I have learnt over the years how to do this
So I will be clocking off now
This blog is going to be a short one
And I am off to meditate
Then I am going to the beach!

What is YOUR de-stresser technique?
What works for you?
And do you put YOUrself as a priority?
Have a great day, and as I write my blog tomorrow I’ll have sand between my toes….

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❝So….yesterday’s meditation, omg I loved it so much and feeling that connection with everyone was just amazing!
S, Online Programme

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