I Am Now Sober And Free 🍷


Member Quote Of The Day.

Every Monday you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members. This week I share a testimonial from someone who has left the programme after finding success with their alcohol addiction. Some choose to remain in the programme once sober because they’ve made firm friends and get benefit from being in the community, whilst others see no need to continue their membership. Once sober and FREE this choice becomes one from the heart; you’ll know if and when QS has given you all that it is supposed to…..

I am now sober and free of the addiction I joined up for.The QS Programme was very helpful to me in the early days of my sobriety. The support from the FB group was brilliant. It felt like a really safe and nurturing space. Reading about other people’s experiences was both reassuring and motivating. It really gave me strength to stay on my path.

The group does a really good job of being non-judgemental and supportive which was really important at the start of my membership.

Jo is an honest and authentic leader of the group who manages to change lives with her drive and passion.
Thanks QS!

Jo, UK


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