How To Self-Love 💘


This is one of the biggest revolutions the western world is undergoing right now, in my opinion, as we begin to fundamentally change the way we view ourselves. For we have been taught up until this moment in time that ‘loving yourself’ means that you are over-confident, cocky and arrogant.  We have been trained to NOT love ourselves and to put everyone else BEFORE ourselves, otherwise we are selfish, apart from when we get on a plane and are told to put the oxygen mask on ourselves FIRST before even the very young.

We have even coined a new term for this;
Rather than ‘loving yourself’
In the new age:
We ‘self-love’

See what we did?
We changed the two words around! 

Because the connotation of ‘loving yourself’ holds so much negative conditioning, whereas ‘self-love’ means something totally different.

We are in a new age for sure
One where we are ALLOWED and encouraged to look after ourselves
Where we KNOW that we cannot give from an empty pot
That we have so much MORE to offer when we are fulfilled first ourselves

1) How do YOU self-care
2) What makes YOU feel better when you’re low
3) If you’re out of alignment, how do YOU get back into your flow

Thing is
Or you’re screwed
But it’s true
What works for YOU?
And each of us are different so there is no cut and dry answers here
You’ve got to take responsibility
You’ve got to take back your power

What makes YOU feel good?

When I coach people I always ask them to write down TEN activities that raise their vibe, and I’d like you now to do the same (make this a free mini coaching session for yourself). I’ll share my own top ten; they are in order of (current) importance with meditation and journalling right at the top,

1) Meditation
2) Journalling
3) Eating well
4) Getting enough sleep
5) Exercise
7) Massage / Healing / Therapy
8) Listening to teachings
9) Going for a walk
10) Connecting to friends and family

We are each different and will have a unique list
Once we know what lifts us up then we have the opportunity to catch ourselves before we lapse/relapse
So, what are YOUR 10?

1) Meditation

Please take some time today to print this blog out and write down YOUR top ten activities to self-love (I’ve added in number one, which should ALWAYS be meditation). And if you want some accountability then we’ll be working with this in great detail in the private online community; there is a lot of love and understanding as we support each other on this journey to freedom. Now is a great time to join…


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

One year ago today… I took my power back. Everything is better. I have learned so much. I am so grateful and happy and at peace. If you are struggling, keep getting on your cushion. It is the path that will lead you home. Sending huge love to you all and deep thanks to Jo for guiding me back to myself. I am enough. And I am SO going OUT OUT tonight. PS my beautiful man bought me a beautiful silver bracelet for my soberversary. It jangles when I walk. I WILL have music wherever I go. xxxx
Online Member

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