How To Help An Addict


Isolation is something that the addict does when in a cycle of consumption
Nothing that anyone can say or do will stop the unending loop of self-abuse
So the individual cuts themselves off from the world
The door is firmly shut

When one of my clients ‘disappears’ and stops communicating with the community
I know what’s going on
For I’ve been there myself

“If I hide then no one will come looking for me” 

However the tide does always turn
Even if the addict needs to reach rock bottom first
Rock bottom is a very powerful place to be
Just think about jumping into a very deep pool;
If you only reach halfway down there is no momentum to get quickly up to the top
If your feet touch the floor of the pool then you can push up with great power and will reach the surface speedily and without much effort

‘So how do I help my addict friend/family member press the reset button?’

I get asked this a lot
And the answer is clear
Of course this can be hard to do; to sit back and watch the self-destruction, but forcing someone into rehab is not going to work. The addict is very very strong willed, and does not take kindly to being treated like a child/outcast. Being placed somewhere that they have not CHOSEN to be will only make them more indignant, which unfortunately usually leads to an unsuccessful stay and near instant relapse.

What is the answer then?

Wait for them to be ready
And make the choice themselves
At QS we speak to ALL residential retreat potential participants to make sure they are making the choice THEMSELVES, and nobody is granted a place unless we feel a readiness and urgency to jump in to sobriety with both feet.

Of course do your own research while you are waiting
Show your friend/family member the information you have gleaned
They will only tug harder in the opposite direction

The addict will let you know when they’re ready
Be there for them
Without judgement;
Especially if you do not have addictive tendencies yourself

This journey is all about taking power BACK
So do not disempower them
It is up to them to open the door themselves
And once open
A flood of emotions will flow
And they will need you like never before

The addicts journey is one of self-discovery
With the plaster of substance ripped off
And the wound underneath beginning to heal
You have all opened yourself up to a beautiful potential new reality
One that right now you cannot imagine
Because it’s never happened before

Could be the highest outcome for you all?
Close your eyes and
Bring that into your mind now
And then
Times it by one million
For that
Is just the beginning of what is possible
You simply cannot begin to conceive
What is before you on this path

I give you permission to step into it all
So get ready
Yes YOU!
There is work for the family and friends of the addict too
Allow the addict to guide the way
For they are more powerful than you could ever realise
You are about to witness a flower unfurl to the light….

Perhaps you feel to share this blog with someone else
Someone who is going through it
(the addict themselves or family member/friend)

Copying and sharing is welcomed
(along with credit to Quantum Sobriety / Jo De Rosa)

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