How To Effortlessly Make A Decision ๐Ÿ‘Œ

We are being asked at this time to learn the art of discernment
To take a persons words, actions and promises into our energy field and decide for ourselves whether or not they ring true. The world is a busy place and you only have to glance at social media to be bombarded with sellers vying for your attention and hard earned cash. Luckily with so much available we can pick and choose which online course, which retreat, which class or what energy we buy into.

โš ๏ธ BE WARNED โš ๏ธ 

There are unscrupulous people about
Those that want to take your money and run
Who haven’t done the work yet themselves
And this is where the danger lies
With our online lives a potential minefield 

So now more than ever we must learn to go within 
Listen to the inner dialogue

Meditation is the fast track
A teacher like no other
It will demand your attention
Impose aches upon your body
Challenge your commitment to yourself
Here lies the answer
Sit everyday for a month and you’ll notice a difference

  • A sense of calm
  • Greater clarity
  • Easy decision making
  • More connection
  • And the ability to discern between what resonates with you and what does not

As higher and higher energies manifest themselves on our planet our meditation practice will ground us, thus allowing these energies to be held. But before that can happen we MUST KNOW OURSELF; nothing can happen until this first step is achieved. 

So sit 
Close your eyes
Become aware of your breathing
Bring your attention to your root chakra (you’re sitting on it)
Exhale down into the earth
Inhale up into this first energy centre
Exhale deeper into the earth
Inhale up into your root chakra

Continue for as long as you wish
And practice this EVERYDAY

Root yourself
Know yourself
And then when a decision needs to be made you’ll effortlessly and obviously know the answer
You only need to know
What is true for you

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I love this. I have such increased confidence in myself for achieving goals. Learning to live AF has changed my life in so many wonderful ways, and I feel grateful and blessed.”

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