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There is one thing you’ve got to be in sobriety:
You must remain strong in your decision and surround yourself with support.
Watching QS members from afar I often witness a drop in their commitment, either their meditation practice or posting in the forum, and I fear that they’ve either stopped believing in themselves or some of the magic has worn off. 
A few months into our sobriety can be tough; the shiny newness of it dulls and ‘life’ shows through. So what do you do now? This is the point where there is a huge choice to be made, 
And hang on a minute, you’ve already done that; already taken that step into your sobriety, so you know what you need to do. So what is stopping you from the next step? 
Is the key
This exact scenario happened recently on the forum. ‘L’ came to the QS meeting in January and had a huge wake up call. She then booked on to the residential retreat two weeks later and hasn’t had a drink since. She was flying high in her sobriety, so strong, so resolute, so CONSISTENT in her meditation and then something happened (read in her own words below) and she broke. 
I watched this from afar
And I have seen this happen to others too
NOBODY went from hopeless drunk to freedom in sobriety in one fair swoop
It is a journey
And we need to be committed to it and CONSISTENT 
A Buddhist monk doesn’t have a really good meditation session and then think,
“Oh I don’t need to practice any longer, I am already there”
An athlete doesn’t win an Olympic gold and then say,
“Oh I don’t need to practice any longer, I am already there”
A concert pianist doesn’t play the biggest gig of their lives and then muse,
“Oh I don’t need to practice any longer, I am already there”
We can obviously see that to REMAIN at that high level they need to be CONSISTENT in their practice of their chosen expertise.
Do YOU want to be an expert in sobriety?
Then you’ve got to be committed to it, and CONSISTENT in it.
So last week I had words with members on a livestream into the forum, and pointed out that there are top up retreats and mini retreats that you can come on to get back to the transformational place you were in when you graduated from the residential retreat. I asked ‘L’ why she had holed herself up in a soulless hotel room the weekend before; shutting herself away from her reality because it had become too much to bear, when she could have come to us instead. 
Thankfully my words clicked and she has been with us this week.
You can read about her experience below in the members quote section.
She even left a couple of hours early because she was so excited about getting back to her amazing sober life! 
We are on a journey, and that journey doesn’t take you to your destination instantly.
You must be committed to where you are going without changing your mind on the way, and in the sobriety journey the quickest way of doing that is in meditation.
The Buddhist monk sits on his mat everyday
The athlete trains everyday
The pianist practices everyday 
Want to be at the top of your game in sobriety? 
Well practice it everyday
This is key
Don’t lose your commitment to it
Don’t let the magic of freedom rub off
Surround yourself with people who FEED your sobriety, who lift you up rather than bring you down, who understand what you are going through. For maybe family and your closest friends don’t fully appreciate exactly what sobriety entails, but there is a group of people who do and who are waiting to support you, hold you accountable in their hearts, and guide you to the next level of your life. 
You don’t need to be alone
You don’t need to walk this path with nobody at your side
But you have to ask for help
You have to take that initial step 
And you have to be CONSISTENT
So are you ready for the ride of your life? The biggest adventure of them all?!
‘L’ is, and we are here for YOU too…. 

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
❝My life in sobriety started off so well. I managed to meditate well so early on and grasp the concept of quantum sobriety with both hands. My body and mind knew this was the right place from the meeting I went to on day one, it was just the next step to be taken. 
I was unsure of what the full retreat would hold and how someone was going to fix my mind in a matter of days but it worked for me. I left the retreat ready to go home and face family and life sober. My strength after retreat was extremely strong I thought that there would be nothing in the world that could touch it. 
This is still the case to an extent but naturally life has a way of dimming the switch that was turned on whilst on retreat. 
Many things have happened since leaving back in January. Stopping antidepressants, moving, divorce, new house, kids etc…
I believe I got to a stage where my meditation practice had come to a halt and other parts of life took over. I was recognizing my thoughts get completely out of control and my bubble beginning to burst. 
I knew I needed to do something urgently before that final PIN hit!
This week is the week of my move into our forever home and a really big deal to me. It’s a place mark and I have together with our children. It’s my safe place. It’s my retreat. It’s my new life. I was so worried about leaving everyone at home to unpack and to have my dogs looked after if I came to inner guidance for a top up. I wrote a post on the forum stating how low I was and jo gave me the wake up call I had been waiting for. It’s so easy to make excuses and to put obstacles in the way of what we really need in life. 
Last weekend at my lowest point I think I cried more than I ever have done. Sat in a hotel room on my own away from family and friends. Totally cut off from the world. Scared of myself! 
Now on my last day ready to leave mini retreat feeling ready to tackle the world and myself. Knowing that if I had not have come here my bubble would have burst in a huge way.
I cannot ever thank jo and the team enough for what they have given me. It is something so special that words will never be able to explain. All I know is when jo looks in my eyes she knows what she has done and what she has achieved. A truly wonderful soul that I feel in my daily life no matter how far away.
Off home now to my beautiful children and my mark Xxx❞
L, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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