How Much Can You Handle? 😜


Sometimes it’s not much and we coast through life
Occasionally we get bombarded with more than we think we can manage
We only get what we can handle

And once we realise this
We can take away the victim mentality of
“I can’t do this”
“I’m weak”
“It’s not fair” 

And we take life by the balls, as it were, and live fully
With whatever we’re given

When we are in a state of allowance
It all

“OK, so you’re giving me this now. That is fine, I’ve only got it BECAUSE I am ready for it. Let’s play with this situation and see where I am supposed to go; somewhere new obviously” 

We can accept that we are meant to be stretched in that moment
And know that in the next it will be a period of calm again

Why would we resist growth? 

It comes in incrementsso that we can handle it
We’re not given the full lesson in one go
(although it may seem like it at the time)

Just as a spider molts
Leaving it’s old skin behind
We too live our lives in stages

We get what we can handle
Even though the lesson is not yet done

When we have an insight into what we need to change / where we need to go
To make that change
Otherwise we wouldn’t have been shown it

So whatever is in your life right now
Embrace it
Rather than fight it
And if it is HUGE, rather than run away, celebrate that the universe believes that you are ALREADY equipped to deal with this lesson
It’s a GOOD thing to move through this current struggle
For if you are doing it NOW
Then you don’t need to do it later

The timeless quantum KNOWS what you need
And when you will gain best benefit
So this is the time it is offered to you

Sometimes this feels too much
But it isn’t
Sometimes it feels not enough
But it is
STOP pushing and pulling and forcing
And instead


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

I did my morning trigger meditation at about 6.30am this morning and I can honestly say that this meditation is one of the most transformative things I have ever done! Thank you so much for sharing this practise, thanks to it I am 14 days sober! 2 Friday nights in and counting 
Online Member

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