How Important Is Your Health 🤷‍♀️

“I don’t want to drink”
you say
and then succumb to the glass/bottle

“I’m fat”
you say
and then gorge on junk food

“I hate smoking”
you say
and then light up yet another cigarette

So what does it take to change a habit
~ it takes time
~ it takes commitment
~ it takes consistency

It begins with the decision
Then comes the first temptation
And this is a turning point
What direction are you going to go? 
The way you’ve always gone before; a road to self-loathing
Are you going to try the road, up until now, less travelled

If you take a step backwards, to your old life, you are guaranteeing self-loathing
However, if you take that leap of faith the first time you are sure to be met by the most delicious feeling of achievement; yes you can do this
This is not the end
And is somewhere I see many fall
They must make this new commitment over and over again
The old habit is like a deep trench; every single time you’ve gone down that road the trench has been dug a little deeper. But every time you make the new decision it is like the trench is being filled in a little, until at some point, you look back and you cannot even see where that hole once was.

I was in Spain a couple of weeks ago and ate fruit 80% and salad 10% of the time, only eating cooked food out in restaurants twice during the week. When I look back at the excuses I would have spurted in the past I am shocked at my attitude,
“I’m on holiday, it doesn’t count”
“I’m on holiday, I can eat/drink what I want”
“I’m on holiday, I’m going to enjoy myself” 

I’d throw healthy eating out of the window
Cast aside exercise
Sleep in and get my body out of its normal rhythm

Now I honour my body and soul so much that it doesn’t matter where I am, holiday or not, I will take as best care of myself as possible. I have made the commitment that I will do the best by me in every moment, whether that be going out for dinner and eating cooked food, ordering the salad and still enjoying the company I’m in, or staying in and eating fruit; I am living moment to moment, making the commitment over and over again to stay in alignment with my truth. 

And the truth is that I don’t want to feel sluggish
I don’t want to feel bad about myself and my choices
I’ve realised that staying healthy on holiday is actually as easy as not doing so
~ Because I want it
~ Because I love feeling good about myself
~ Because it’s great having energy
~ Because being in alignment is now my priority

So do you really want it?
And how much? 
Are you prepared to live a different way?
Are you willing to go against the norm? 
And how important is staying in alignment to you?

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