Hold On Tight, August Is Here! 🤕

Daily Motivation 333


We are living in extraordinary times
Time is speeding up
And we have opportunities that no one on earth has ever had before

When I look back to LAST WEEK I can hardly recognise who I was, let alone a few months ago or last year!

And August is set to be taking this energetic speed to the next level
So you have got to hold tight and be prepared
Meditation is the stabilising factor here; the more you do the better able to sail through this transformational period you’ll be
Everything is going to come up
All of the skeletons in your cupboard
The veil has already begun to be lifted, and many of you reading this are going to be nodding your head in recognition of this showing up in your own lives already. I’d say it’s been about a week of it already; the preparation time is done though and TODAY we get spat out the other side.

You are going to either rise above and ride this wave of possibility like a pro
Get pulled underneath and feel struggle like never before
And all you have to do
Is stay in alignment with your truth

Find balance in your meditation
Hold that frequency throughout the day
When you do
You will confidently walk through the gateway of this powerful time and harness what is on offer; very very exciting times
Good luck!

And don’t forget that I am livestreaming my own personal meditation practice each day here, where I will be holding the space for your own evolution.
Next Tuesday on the auspicious Lions Gate (every year on 8th August (8-8): the Egyptian New Year) I will also livestream my group guided meditation 9.30am – 10am BST
All you have to do is join me over in my free Facebook group:


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝Strangely in the past 4 days my meditations have been mind blowing too. A real shift. Feeling the sincere desire to sit on my cushion and observe. Feeling and seeing the shifts in “real” life. It strangely makes me feel less connected but more connected at the same time. I’m becoming AWARE of things about myself. A lot of it are tears of understanding and beauty. There are so many signs that make the hairs on my arm raise most days.
Thank you for holding the vibration, making us your priority, and being an honest soldier of living from the heart. My cup is full. Totally full.❞

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