Here, Have Some Of My Bliss ✨✨

Daily Motivation 196

I’m Back!
And feeling on top of the world!
I hope you’ve enjoyed some blogs from the archive, whether you revisited them or read them for the first time, and hold on tight because I have got so many insights to share with you from the last 11 days in retreat:

Insight 1: Faith

My yearly pilgrimage and the practice I do always gives me exactly what I need. And I don’t need to ‘try’ to do anything, that is the whole point; it is given when you are available. I talked about availability before I went into retreat and many people got in contact with me saying that it resonated a lot.

Everything is available for us
If we are available for it

And this is the ultimate conundrum
Do we trust enough to jump?

For if we don’t then nothing will change and the gifts that are due to you, the heaven on earth that is in the sidelines just waiting for you to believe, will remain out of site.

Can you see that YOU must take the first move
Because the quantum responds to YOU
It cannot provide without first your commitment to it

I give myself totally to my dreams
I hold NOTHING back
Once I am hooked on a belief then you really cannot stop me
And it is this:

….will deliver all that I have ever desired

And I am not talking about material stuff here
I’m not after manifesting cars and clothes
What I desire is felt and experienced
It is:
Good health

The material stuff does still come but it is merely a bonus
It is not the reason why I jump into life with both feet and arms out wide, with heart open and truth coursing through my veins
It is merely a perk of the job of living in alignment
Literally you cannot be shaken
Your roots are firm
You are not going anywhere

This is what I have been experiencing on an even deeper level these past 11 days
Not just KNOWING but FEELING that I am exactly where I am supposed to be
I have found teachings that feed my soul
I am totally connected to the intention, words, and resonance of this particular practice, which ultimately is about generating more love and compassion. And I have given myself to it completely; no social media, no emails, no contact with the outside world for 11 days and complete silence for five days straight and six in total (I’ll tell you more about that another day!).

And because of my faith
I have been gifted so much more:

and the symptoms of this unfathomable shift is
pure bliss

And the miraculous consequence is that now I get to share this bliss with YOU
These words hold a vibration and contained therein is the energy of what I am feeling
I live to serve
My intention is only to evolve so that I can support others’ journeys too
There is no point in my eyes for just one person to find themselves, it really is all about the collective.
So here
Have some of my bliss…
Can you feel it?
And don’t worry, there is a whole load more where that came from ✨✨


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

QS has allowed me to forge a whole new set of friends who are like a family cradling me on my journey. This connection is one of equally giving and receiving as we all journey together, with elders and newborns keeping the process strong but evolving. Fighting for sobriety does put a strain on all of the other relationships in our lives but QS provides that support that is so vital to success in sobriety whilst we work internally to discover who we really are without the mask of our addictions
J, Online Programme

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