Have YOU Taken The Blue Or Red Pill?

I’ve not been abroad for nearly a year and a lot has changed in that time, meaning I am a different person.
The more I meditate and keep that connection all through the day, the more I change internally forging new beliefs about myself and the world.

The ultimate effect of this inner work is seeing how my outer world is changing also.

I have always been a sun worshipper!! Literally from the moment off the plane to stepping back on it I’m out there catching every last possible ray. And I’ve never questioned it. Just accepted that I HAD to do that.

My red-haired dad has always laughed at me and loves to recount tales of me:
Burning, blistering, peeling, repeat
Burning, blistering, peeling, repeat
Burning, blistering, peeling, repeat
Burning, blistering, peeling, repeat

My parents have lived in Spain for 19 years and never sit directly in the sun, and when I look back to my years living in Thailand I never did either. So again I wonder WHY do it at all?

The Spanish and the Thai’s hide from the sun, in fact in many Asian countries they use whitening lotion on their skin. Yet I have always:
Burnt, blistered, peeled, repeat
Burnt, blistered, peeled, repeat
Burnt, blistered, peeled, repeat
Burnt, blistered, peeled, repeat

Which Pill Have You Taken?

We watched The Matrix again recently and chuckled as some of what Morpheus was saying is exactly what I also talk about when teaching!!

 Morpheus in The Matrix
Dom and I have definitely taken the RED pill!

We live in the middle of nowhere having created the life that we CHOOSE rather than simply falling into what society dictates. We realise that everything is a choice, and even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, you can stop running endlessly on the wheel of a unfulfilling relationship / job / health etc….

Have YOU Taken The RED Or BLUE Pill?

So I arrived in Spain in a new reality of being. Suddenly laying in the sun for 10 hours straight seemed so pointless, when there was good conversation with my parents (and Dom) available. Suddenly the warm days offered so much more than they ever have before as I sat in the shade talking and being more social than I can remember being on holiday!

I’ve come away from my time away fuller of the things that matter, rather than a darker colour on my skin. After all external beauty is only skin deep and what I’ve experience is so deeply nourishing that I cannot believe who I used to be!
And actually I now refuse to smother myself with a cocktail of evil chemicals in the name of suntan lotion, just so that I can sit in direct sunlight for longer. My skin would rather sit naked in the sun for a shorter period, fully receive the vitamin D it needs to be healthy, and then sit in the shade.
(in fact I’ve got just as good a tan) 

I’ve been reading up on the use of suntan lotion and it’s quite scary.
It actually blocks OUT the absorption of UVB rays, which we need for the development of Vitamin D
And allows UVA rays IN, which are the harmful rays.

I would highly recommend you look into this yourself before spending a fortune on something that is damaging you beyond belief.

Speaking Your Truth

Last year we ate at one of my parents favourite restaurants in Javea, and had a long chat with the British owners: Laurie being front of house, and Cliff the chef (sound familiar!). Dom talked about being a clean-chef and they were uber interested in our philosophy.

One year on and we returned last week to find out that because of that conversation the whole restaurant is now gluten free!
AND the business is doing really well because of the change!
That is what I call real collaboration, and it is wonderful to be able to support such a forward thinking business so that they can support their customers in a more healthful way.

We had a fabulous clean meal, and now we know how it feels for Inner Guidance guests when they ‘know’ they don’t have to worry about what they are eating; that it’s all gluten and sugar free!

Please check out the La Cocina website and menu, and if you are travelling to Javea or surrounding area you must go for a meal! Plus they also have a take-away shop in the centre of Javea where you can pick up your favourite dishes to take back to your apartment / villa. My dad freezes these meals for ease 🙂

This year we had the discussion about sugar and hopefully there will be some sugar-free dishes on their pudding menu next year!!

So as we swing into holiday season (I cannot believe the schools break up this week!), don’t let excuses get the better of you.
Make good decisions, the ones that are right for YOU.

Take the RED pill.
Don’t follow the crowd.
Create your own reality.
Don’t be a sheep.
Be a phoenix!
Let go of who you were, and rise up from the ashes as who you want to be.
It is all possible if you only believe….

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Have YOU Taken The Blue or Red Pill?

Copyright: Jo De Rosa July 2015

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