Have You Got Enough Courage And Commitment?


Member Quote Of The Day.

” I had a very unsettled night and woke crying in the middle of it and couldn’t stop for about 3 hours! This is all good. With help from Anni, I’ve been dealing with some early, raw stuff.

When I started this amazing QS journey, it was all about addiction. As I have gone through the course (I’m now on Year 3, month 9), it’s not about my original addiction (booze) any more, rather a true understanding of what was and (this is the biggy for me) to fully face it, head on. Courage has been a big part of this journey, because I need it (I still need it) to find that inner child (who got lost as really young girl) and set her free. 

Looking back, stopping drinking happened relatively quickly (after finding QS that is – not the decades of living with it and trying to quit through other means). Unpacking the past (letting go of judgement) and digging beneath the addiction is taking much longer and I go weeks without really wanting to touch those raw spots and acknowledge them. It is only by doing so, however, that healing takes place. Meditation is a huge part of this.

I’m also so lucky to have access to the amazing QS therapists (Anni helps me peal the plaster off the wounds, Carol fast tracks the healing, and I do the rest). Plus I get the privilege of Jo’s intuition and wisdom. 

Ultimately, QS is about so much more than becoming free from an addiction because, if you choose to, you learn to understand and deal with the underlying causes of it (/them). For me, drinking hid so many things and they are taking some considerable time to unpack. None of this is selfish. It’s essential. Every step, every shift is progress towards inner happiness (the ultimate goal in my opinion). And to keep the steps and shifts coming takes courage and commitment and constantly moving towards your own alignment… 




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