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Day Six.

We tend to only ‘see’ what we already have, rather than the potential that is waiting for us
Can you begin to dissolve your judgements of what is now and instead get into the FEELING of your dreams.

“Don’t wait for what you want; be what you want right now.
Not what you want to have, because focusing on what you want to have is a form of waiting, you see that? It’s still an excuse to not be what you want to be now.

When you have that thing or that state that you want, or that condition, or circumstance, or person, or whatever it is, the money, when you have that thing that you want what then are you? That you so desperately want to be? BE THAT NOW. Without the thing. And the thing will follow suit. Or not but either way, you already attained what you really wanted out of that thing, and it’s not a thing it’s a choice.”

Bentinho Massaro

Jump to how you WANT to feel without the thing that represents it, and you achieved what you actually wanted anyway = the feeling it would give you.

Can you see that you don’t actually need or even WANT the thing; it is only what the thing brings you; the feeling you think it offers. So why not catapult yourself STRAIGHT to the feeling!

I’ve been feeling into this concept, and it is frigging powerful!
I actually do not want the ‘things’
It is not about the ‘things’
Only the feeling
💥 BOOM 💥


Member Quote Of The Day:

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

Since my (QS Residential) retreat over new year, I’ve lost 2 stone in weight and no longer need medication for high blood pressure.

Residential Retreat and Online Member



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