Have I Been Wrong All Along? 😳

Daily Motivation 311


I was doing my regular drive to Colchester station yesterday morning to catch the train to London. As usual I had left it to the last minute (Dom calls me past-last-minute.com!), and was in the car getting frustrated with the Sunday driver in front of me. And then I became acutely aware that just yesterday I had given an example of this shift that I had had doing this very journey, and here I was getting stressed!

I laughed at myself
And reflected how we shift forwards and then back again, until the new transformation has become more stable.
I laughed again as I was on route to a Bentinho Massaro teaching about letting go of the details and surrendering into pure consciousness!

And then it hit me
Two neurons that have met before but not remained together just fully connected and I saw the same conundrum that I have been having for a very long time, in a new way.


Have, by imposing my wished result, I been blocking the true magic?
And I knew as the thought crossed my mind that the answer was a big fat YES

So I made a pact with myself there and then in the car to stop projecting any more desired outcomes, other than staying connected to my truth / source / god / essence / heart. And of course I’ve been doing this for many years now, but yesterday something fell into place and the knowledge sank deeper into my brain.


Why on earth have I been asserting my own limited beliefs on something that it totally UNlimited?
Again I laughed, so hard that tears began to roll down my face
This was massive
I knew that my life was never going to be the same
And I also recognised that the smaller shifts that I’ve been having over the last months were leading to THIS very moment.

I could now surrender
I now truly trusted
What a relief!

So the work now is to wait
Hold the frequency of your own individual truth

For what is gifted to you in this vibration is a far higher frequency than anything you could imagine; this is where MAGIC appears, this is the alchemy of transformation and I was flying on its wings as I sat behind a 30mph driver.

It no longer mattered
I knew I would catch my train
And if I didn’t then I wasn’t supposed to; I’d be held back for a very good reason that I didn’t even need to know
This is true freedom
And the day had only just begun
I had a whole day of teachings to go yet…..

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝I feel hungover today. I had a very sociable evening of spontaneous fun and a very late night. It was fab though, absolutely fab.
Its now like I have a new gift and it’s a gift of being drunk at the best stage, without ANY alcohol.
Gone are any feelings of missing out on anything.
Gone are any associations with alcohol for anything…❞

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