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Absolutely wonderful when one of our members reaches a milestone like
QS doesn’t only work for me!
I do love to share the stories of our members as they really are what it is all about.
And not only did this member write the below post on her PERSONAL Facebook page inspiring so many of her friends, but she also did a livestream into our private group to share how she was feeling and gifted tips as to how she did it.
We are ALL truly inspired
Her story in her own words below, from QS Member and Guide: Jayne


❝Oh wow, I did it. ONE YEAR TODAY WITHOUT ANY ALCOHOL. Not one drop. Omg, what an eye opening year it’s been. Being alcohol free has shown me so much.
Now I am like how I was before I had ever experienced a drink.
I no longer associate alcohol with fun or think it relaxs me. I have un wired all those firing brain neurons.
It has been quite sad at times though in that it has changed my relationships with others. (not everybody)

Many people have fallen out of my life, but I ain’t here to please others or change myself to fit in. I am here to be my authentic self and be brave enough to live it, which is why I quit in the first place, it was numbing me.

I actually still enjoy being around people who are having a good old drink. It’s fun, it’s funny and it reminds me of that stage of feeling tipsy, which I loved at the time.. I just leave at the point where they start telling me the same thing 25 times. I did that plenty of times myself, so no judgement either.

I could never ever have achieved and be doing what I am doing now if I was still drinking and I am.not talking serious drinking either, just regular weekend binge drinking of 2/3 bottles of wine all in all and maybe a couple of glasses in the week.

I now know the meaning of alcohol being a depressant. I used to think that meant if you are depressed then alcohol makes it worse. I didn’t think that applied to me.
Omg, now I know differently.

On a scale of 1/10 As a regular wine drinker I would score my general daily mood as a 7. After about 7/8 weeks of no alcohol that score went up to a 9. I felt amazing and high on life itself.
This has now become my new normal and I don’t want to give that up or all the other health benefits I have experienced alongside it.

I don’t want congratulating. I want anyone who reads this to be inspired to live the fullest version of their happiest, most authentic self however that is to you.

If it’s one thing I have learnt from not wasting so much time hungover, it’s that hangovers last longer than we think they do.
.We are not here for long, time passes very quickly and the only time we have is now.

The most important thing in life is to be happy with WHO you are, how you live and to share that vibe with others.❞
*Jayne is pictured above on her soberversary


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