Goodbye đź‘‹


Goodbye pizza and chips
Goodbye lasagne
Goodbye humous and lentil crisps
Goodbye Indian takeaway
Goodbye my beloved cacao

Some are questioning why I would be ‘giving up’ so many foods that bring me so much pleasure, and the answer is:

I have to do this
I have to honour the calling of my heart
I have a drive to go somewhere I’ve never been before
& there is an urgency for me to do this work 

And I have decided that this year will be full of Grace
Just like when I have juice /water / dry fasted and been ok around people eating
When a decision is made there is no need to pine after what you have left behind
In the exact way that I have moved beyond alcohol, sugar, drugs etc.. I will do the same with cooked foods for one year; I know that this is the right decision for me in this moment, and the excitement of having made said decision so long ago and for it now to be here on my doorstep is palpable.

I’m so ready
For a new chapter
A challenge
And I know it is going to push me
The shove into a place I’ve never been before
Where am I going?
What is possible?
Those are questions I have around my health

And this week when attending a doctors appointment to go through my blood results from my NHS over 40s check, it turns out I am already uber healthy with a 0.7% chance of diabetes in the next 10 years and a 1% chance of a heart attack in the next 10 years; results that the nurse tells me are very unusual. She printed out my results to take home and at the bottom the sheet has a section with recommendations that the doctor/nurse would like the patient to implement; mine was blank, again she said this is very unusual.

So I begin with a baseline of good health, but where couldI go? How healthy couldI get? WHAT IS POSSIBLE?What could those results show in one year after living mucus free for the duration; what will the body look like with NO MUCUS? What will my blood show then? How will I feel? That’s what I want to know, and with grace, acceptance, allowing, and intrigue I step into a new paradigm.

But first, TODAY, I will be pigging out!

  • Cacao ceremony for breakfast
  • Dominic’s pizza and chips for lunch
  • Inner Guidance’s infamous chocolate birthday cake (let us know it’s your birthday when you’re on retreat with us and you’ll get one too!)
  • Humous, lentil crisps and fresh chilli’s for dinner
My last goodbye
A farewell to everything that I have known, loved, and also hated about food
My new chapter begins tomorrow
And in tomorrows blog I’ll explain exactly how I am feeling now, and in this last weeks lead up to a monumental personal shift. Also the stark parallels to my drinking journey, and some tips on how YOU can make the transition to a healthier life easier; for after all it’s up to US if our journey is a difficult or effortless one…

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

Thank you Jo,
this is just what I needed to hear & read,
perfect timing XX
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