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With schools now broken up for the summer the UK is well into a holiday vibe, but how does that make you feel? When the sun comes out and everyone heads off to the pub for a BBQ and beer, what do YOU eat and drink?
Preparation is key
You need to know in advance how it’s going to play out otherwise you are handing control away, and anything could happen. We’ve had some interesting posts and conversations over the weekend about this, and here are three views from QS members…..

Member Quotes Of The Day:


❝I am going on holiday today. I have been so anxious the last week, but I will relax completely when I get there. I have been observing things, like finishing work Friday afternoon , knowing I can forget responsibility and NOT being triggered at all into starting a drinking bender. I am observing concerns about drinking abroad. It’s not that I am concerned about what I won’t be drinking (alcohol) , but concerned about what will be unalcoholicay available. (Hey check that new word for going on holiday, going on an unalcoholicay)* . I have my fav drinks at home, that probably won’t be available to me abroad and I get pissed off if only options are coke, lemonade and sweet orange juice, so there may be a challenge to observe there…❞
J, Online Programme
❝Thanks for this Jo, im out with the girls tmrw, i read this and then went on to the resaurants web page to choose my food and drinks….im not even going to look at the menu tmrw just order!!!❞
L, Online Programme
❝No I don’t want to sit around a pool taking shit all day pissed as a fart!
No I don’t want to be the last person back in their room after spending hours in a beach bar!
No I don’t want hang overs in the heat. 
No I don’t want drink based arguments.
Yes I do want a peaceful mind.
Long hot summer days feeling great.
Happy memories with our kids.❞
L, Residential Retreat and Online Programme


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