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Every Wednesday I am sharing some WOW’s with you; my teachers; my influences and who I am inspired by.
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Bentinho Massaro

GOD In Human Form
Was the name of the event I attended on Sunday
And the theory was not new to me
Ultimately we are letting go of the human form and connecting to that which is beyond it
And I am understanding this on a deeper and deeper level every day; the concept in my mind, and now becoming my life. Being able to ‘let go’ of the drama ever more so that life becomes more dream-like.

And the GOD I am referring to is the alien observer that I have been talking about in recent weeks
The non-human part of us

“For we are GOD projecting ourselves as human”

Are YOU choosing to concentrate your life on GOD or on the human aspect of yourself?
Perhaps you’ve heard the same thing said a different way:

Can you find this separation?
Are you willing to step out of the human drama and into a wider consciousness?
And if:

“YOU don’t think, your body thinks
YOU don’t breath, your body breaths”

…then likewise YOU don’t crave booze, drugs, food; your body does.
After the event I had 20 minutes at Liverpool St station before my train and I found myself wondering around the concourse looking to buy some food. Now bear in mind that I had food in my bag already that I hadn’t eaten during the day, and also wasn’t hungry. I caught myself in an old pattern; eating out of boredom or novelty, and pulled myself out of it immediately.

So the more time we spend in the GOD state getting to know the part of us that doesn’t crave, breath, feel or think the more ‘normal’ it becomes to live our lives from here. Then, we can easily catch ourselves when we pop back into the drama, getting caught up in the wants and desires and can easily let them go.

There are three steps (that Bentinho talked about on Sunday) to a new habit when we are feeling stuck:

  1. Making a new intention, promise, commitment and getting excited about it
  2. Taking the first steps and then freaking out as our doubts come to the surface
  3. Enjoying the shift

I recognise these steps in relation to my own journey in addiction.
Lets take these three steps and place them around recovery from booze:

  1. You are determined from tomorrow that you are never drinking again. Perhaps you are severely hung over and regretful about something that has happened whilst you were drunk. This is probably not the first time you’ve been here, and you are READY!
  2. The first few days are EASY. You effortless breeze through and enjoy the freedom you are feeling. Then, the doubts begin to rise; I could just have one; am I worthy of sobriety; I don’t think I can do this, it’s too difficult;
  3. You never make it to step three because step two is too difficult, and in the words of  Bentinho you “get the fuck out of there!” , and back up to where you started
To transcend TWO to get to THREE you have to sit there and be ok with it.
And if you get to the place where you realise YOU are not the craving; it is something that is happening to the body and not the GOD aspect of you, then it becomes easier. So take this into your meditation today and realise that the actual YOU is GOD in human form…..


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝I know I’m lucky living so close to Inner Guidance and can therefore go regularly to locals meditation and top up my soul in that magical environment. Maybe it’s why I’ve flowed slightly more freely down the river to freedom. We are all in the same river though beautiful QS people – just slightly different parts of it. In the beginning there is quite a lot of turbulence and drama but it softens into a beautiful, tranquil and peaceful journey. Try not to fight the river, just relax the struggle and go with the flow and it all becomes easier.❞

S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme


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