Give The Gift Of Sobriety 🎁


What does Christmas mean to you?
Is it about celebration and parties
Or family and closeness

I know for me it is the latter
Yet when I was drinking I was numbing out from the closeness, via the anaesthetic that alcohol is
I couldn’t remember what I said, and what others said to me
So how on earth was I creating any kind of connection

Today this is what I love so much about life
And the fact that I have never felt more connected to my loved ones
There is no barrier between us
No pretence
Life is so real

So tomorrow on Christmas day I’ll remember every single word that it uttered, every response to the opening of presents. But the best bit by far is how proud I am that I can give the gift of sobriety to my loved ones; be there for them on every level, you have no idea how huge that present is for them and YOU 🎁


Member Quote.

This is what one of our members said as they completed their programme feedback:

“Thanks for this very timely blog Jo – I have seen too many christmasses ruined by people communicating whilst drinking – fatal !” 
Residential Retreat and Online Member



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