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Every Wednesday I am sharing some WOW’s with you; my teachers; my influences and who I am inspired by.
I hope you enjoy!

Bentinho Massaro

❝Can you look around, whether in your outer or inner environment, and not want anything? Can you be hungry and not want food, thirsty yet not want water, horny yet not want sex, uncomfortable yet not want comfort, ambitious yet not want achievement? When you shut down all your wants, one by one you finally end up with what you secretly really wanted.
When you keep all wants at a distance for a while, God will stream into your sense of beingness without you needing to do a single thing for it. Like a ripe fruit you will be plucked off of the tree of anxiety and distorted perceptions. The kingdom of heaven already awaits you, you’re just too restless to notice. Don’t take my word for it, discover the immutable silence for yourself. Start not wanting anything even from your desires until peace has reached you.❞
Keith the Chocolate Shaman put me onto Bentinho a few years ago and I’ve been following his work ever since. I saw this quote earlier this year and I LOVE IT!
You can now go through Bentinho’s Trinfinity Academy for free here: and see if this progressive work is for you (I am going to guess it is as it very similar to my own beliefs about jumping realities etc).
Also Bentinho is coming to London in a couple of weeks and will be offering a one day event (I am going). It is very rare for him to come to the UK from America (only his second UK event ever), so if you can make the date (info here: and his work resonates with you, then I’d say come and join me! Otherwise he lives in Sedona, Arizona, USA where he holds most of his events.

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
❝What does alcohol mean to us all?
I’ve just booked our family holiday to Egypt for 2 weeks. My first holiday this year was only with M as our cheeky break. I was only 6 weeks into my sobriety then and loved an alcohol free holiday. I felt fresh everyday and my meditation practice was at it finest. I was active and busy on holiday rather than full and pissed! 
Now this family holiday is going to be brilliant.
Every holiday with K ( my now 9 year old little boy ) has been me sitting around on the sun lounger feeling selfish for being drunk instead of playing in the pool or playing football. Even to write this makes me feel sick!
The thought that I put myself before my little boys memories! What memories did I create. 
Answer is I can’t remember apart from guilt. 
This is not a sob story post it’s a positive because I can make a huge difference in my life and my future memories. 
I am going to play like there is no tomorrow!
I’m going to swim and throw him around like I’ve watched everyone else do.
I’m going to dance at the evening disco every night.
I’m going to share every special moment being active and fun loving like I always used to be. 
I’m going to be K’s mum!!!!❞
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