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Daily Motivation 294


Going back to ‘L’s’ comment which I shared on Tuesday, I’d like to talk today about purpose. ‘L’ said,

❝Thank you Jo De Rosa for opening my eyes.
You must just sit there sometimes and feel so proud of what you’re doing and creating because I know for sure I’m so proud of you for helping me and so many others.
You’re my world and my angel.❞

In answer to her, yes I do feel proud when I read members stories of how they have tapped into the well of freedom that is within all of us, but I didn’t do that; they did.

QS is successful because it is authentic
I do not teach anything that I have not experienced myself
I feel like a channel; allowing freedom to flow THROUGH me
QS is effortless because it is real
And I believe that every single one of us has a purpose; something that we are an expert in, and it is this that we delve into in the second year of the online programme, or School Of Life.

What we do all day should be in alignment with our truth
And if you are in a job that you dislike please take a moment to think about what your heart would like to do….

Believe me I have had plenty of jobs that have not been in alignment with my truth (including 12 years of commuting into central London), and it is a struggle to get out of bed each morning when every cell in your body is saying ‘NO!’.

I left my corporate job back in April 2000 and have not been employed since, although self-employment was not an instant success; I had a lot to learn. I’ve had many businesses including selling one for a million Thai baht and then put all of that money up my nose, and buying into a franchise from which I ended up bankrupt. But I kept following my heart and working out what was my purpose; and I continue to fine tune it by listening to the voice within.

All of it of course was meant to be
I was supposed to have all of those experiences to lay the path to what I am doing now.
I have no regrets
And you shouldn’t either
Don’t make any of it wrong
You have needed it all to get to this point
Without the fire the phoenix cannot rise

Many have praised me on the creation of QS but I really don’t see it as my achievement; it is far more organic than that. It isn’t about just one person, it could never be, which is why it is wonderful to have the QS Guides; who have used the process and found freedom too.

I simply have learnt to GET OUT OF THE WAY
And allow life to move through me
To live fully from the heart (rather than head) and see where she takes me
Could you do that?
Could you trust your beautiful heart enough?
Do you believe it can lead you to heaven on earth?
She/he will if you let them
But you have to let go first…. 

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝Wow just wow . After a super powerful solstice meditation last night I feel as if today I’ve been blessed with the appearance of a sun halo at the beach today. I almost feel like this is a profound sign but of what I’m unable to grasp at , like a toddler trying to decipher words. But I felt that something in the world is shifting , including me and that gods grace is with us both inside and out . 

Ps the photos barely does this justice. It was like a dark hole with a rainbow circle edge. Like a giant eye in the sky.

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