A Full Moon Eclipse Ritual πŸŒ•πŸŒ”πŸŒ“πŸŒ’πŸŒ‘


Later on today at 9:20pm BST we have a very special Full Moon with full lunar Eclipse. This is powerful enough by itself, but add to that FIVE planets retrograde and Mars being much closer to us than usual (35 million miles rather than its average 140 million).

So what does all of this mean?

Basically we are in an intense time, but I am going to hazard a guess that you’ve felt that in your life already. So really my words are going to come as nothing more than confirmation of what you’ve already been feeling.

However there is something that I would like to talk about which we areΒ being forced to look at. I have been experiencing this lately and know that many others have too. We are in a powerful time of endings and beginnings; the old is EASILY falling away, when we are willing for it to happen, and we are opening up to new potentials, possibilities and adventures. And..

  • People from our past are popping up
  • Addictions, bad habits, behaviours are becoming chronic
  • Old ways of doing things just do not make sense any longer
  • There is a desire to clear physical spaces (wardrobe, filing cabinetΒ etc)

If any of this resonates then good!
You are being asked to look for the last time
Sit with it
And then be ready to release

This is exactly what this Full Moon Eclipse is holding the energy for us to do right now. Remember from yesterdays blog how I was being led to look and then release my old bitch self? This is a classic example of this work. So my question to you is this:

What has been revealing itself to you in the past weeks / days / hours?
Are you willing to observe it, feel into it, stare it in the frigging face full on?
If yes
Then welcome to the doorway of the next level of living
Can you see that it is ajar?
Are you openΒ to accept that YOU ARE READY
It is time

And today, more than any other day in your lifeΒ (this lunar eclipse is perhaps the most powerful of the century because of its long duration of 1 hour 20 minutes)Β your transformation is supported.

The planet is waking up
YOU my friend are already awake
Just to be reading this
So no more thoughts and beliefs about not being enough
YOU have alreadystarted
So don’t stop now
The fun is just about to really begin!


These planetary alignments are pointing in one direction
For us to go INWARD
To connect
Understand ourselves better
Release past habits and patterns once and for all
We are in a time of deep reflection
Action is around the corner

For now
Get ready

Journal around what you are feeling
And if you feel called to write out some questions you may have that lie, at the moment, unanswered. Leave them out tonight under the power of the Full Moon Eclipse, for the light to be shone upon them. Hold this paper down with clear quartz if you have some; clear quartz contains the quality of clarity.

If you can create a ritual tonight around 9.20pm BST
Turn your head up to the Full Moon Eclipse
Notice Mars just aboveΒ the southern horizon (even better look through a telescope if you have one; it is the reddish dot which is visible even to the naked eye).
Set your intentions for the next Moon cycle
Let go of the past
Let go of what is holding you back
Let go of doubt, shame and fear

Release it all
And know that by doing so you are emptying yourself up to the next cycle
Readying your life for an exciting change in circumstance
Something is about to happen
Something that you never expected
Something in fact you couldn’t even imagine, for it is beyond anything else you’ve ever experienced before; such is the power of this moment 🌝

Member Quote.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Last night I slept nearly 12 hours and was getting these insanely detailed memories coming back to do with the time I left my partner…I really felt the loneliness and sorrow again….Then a whole load of half forgotten blacked out drunken nights out came up from late 20s/early 30s. They must have been hanging around for clearing….I also recognised that when I’m on the cusp of something I often get the urge to binge on food as if to keep myself in the familiar…Going to spend today in meditation because I can. Wondering what the eclipse will bring. So much stirred up right now.”Β 
Online Member



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