From Fear To Love To ✨M✨A✨G✨I✨C✨

Last weekends retreat had a session of serpent healing (and I’ve been to another one of these last year too). At the beginning there are always a number of people who are scared, and as I’ve relayed the story a few times this week I’ve had lots of really interesting conversations about what we are all scared of.

Each one of us has a different story
Sees through our own unique filter
Wears an exclusive prescription of perceptions

For me I was in an accident in 2006 in Thailand where a man driving too fast on his moped drove into my car at speed (I was stationary) and ended up first on my bonnet and then under my car. He was taken to hospital, and survived thankfully. Afterwards I had PTSD and for years didn’t drive, and when I started up again hated it; it took a long time to slowly gain my confidence again.

Every single one of us has something we fear. Whether that is snakes, spiders, heights, thunder and lightening, confined spaces, flying, germs or driving at speed when placed in the situation it is like our blood runs cold.

Of course the only way to transcend fear is to sit with it
Just like the compulsion to drink, drug, or binge eat
The more you run away, the further down the rabbit hole you sink
You HAVE to face your demons to realise that YOU are actually stronger than they

This week during one particular conversation with someone relaying to me their fear of spiders, I suddenly saw the fear picture in a totally new light;
How NONE of them are true
Because if something can change, it is not real
And we all have different fears
It was like I popped out of my body and saw fear from a bigger perspective, through the eyes of the creator, and understood in that moment that I was being asked to give my fears back and fall back into infinity; that which does not change.

In my lifetime whenever I have done this
There is always something better waiting on the other side
As soon as we give a fear/addiction away
The space is filled up with  ✨M✨A✨G✨I✨C✨ 

And this journey is endless
For there is always another layer to peel off
Like a snake sheds its skin
Revealing more of the true you

Who could you be if you let go of your fears?
Who could you be if you allow magic in your life? 

I know I am focusing on this continually 
The work never done
Yet I see the rewards everyday, just like when one of last weekends retreatees sent me this photo; magic and the wonder of life captured forever. If you don’t have magic in your life, why not? And if you’d like some of mine, I have more than enough to share…

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Morning! Had such a big shift this morning in meditation! Such a brilliant new awareness, I’m loving it! Im committing to trusting the process with a sense of freedom, a life without alcohol and a life with lots of yoga & meditation. Sending lots of love out there to you all 😘

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