Freedom Is On The Other Side 🔥

Daily Motivation 207

Freedom is the gift of our willingness to feel the discomfort
For we have continually covered it over with our substance of choice, and gotten used to numbing out from the pain. Somewhere along the line we have to break through this pattern and sit with the flames licking around our aversion. Freedom is on the other side; the reward for our commitment to finding out who we really are.

Heart does not want to drink alcohol
Heart does not want to eat crap
Heart does not want to get high on drugs
Heart does not want to be stuck on the ugly loop of addiction

Heart only knows freedom

Head / ego wants MORE
More pleasure
More highs
More stuff
More grasping
More amusement
More thrills
More gratification

Head craves satisfaction

So here is the internal battle
Where are you going to live from?
Who wins?

Are you going to ‘give in’ to head and allow it to run the show; forever stuck in the confines of the addictive cycle, or are you going to take that leap of faith and walk through the wall of fire?
– It’s uncomfortable BOTH ways –
Don’t you see! 

Especially if you are someone who has woken up to the fact that you no longer want to be on the ugly merry-go-round of addiction (which is why you are reading this).
If you continue to harm yourself in this way = it’s uncomfortable
If you gather some bravery and sit in the fire = it’s uncomfortable
If you are willing to listen and trust that precious heart of yours, to sit and see just how much damage the fire of desire can be, you will realise that:
As Soon As You Do That
It’s Hold On You Releases
And You Just Set Yourself Free

Is today the day?
Are you ready?
Because freedom is just beyond the wall of flames
Patiently waiting for you
Confidently believing in you
All you have to do is catch up to that fact
And begin believing in yourself
Drop down into your heart
Listen to the deep voice of truth
And begin the amazing journey into freedom….


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

There is a wild strength within our group over the last week. 
Like jo says people are stepping into roles naturally.
*** and *** you inspire me and are such caring people towards others. *** your words brighten up my day. I look forward to them and almost rely on seeing them. *** you help me stay strong and give great advice. *** and *** you are always on point and very honest with your answers which is fantastic. *** I love that you post that you’ve meditated each day. It gives me that push to do so myself. Also thank you for telling me about inner timer. I believe that is what helped me SHIFT on holiday 

The above is just to mention a few!!!!

Love to everyone on here.
Let’s be strong together

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