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Every Monday you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

For all those struggling:ย Each one of you are beautiful souls who deserve every goodness in this world. Your minds have been tricked by powerful substances. Your lost but can beat this. You have been under someone else’s control. There’s love inside you. Our tomorrow’s are defined by our choices today. Choose meditation, love and laughter. In initial recovery life is harder than we could imagine because you have decided by choice that you don’t like this alter ego version ofย you and you want a better life. Life wants to bless you with pampering love, happiness and growth. So now you are fighting being an addict still, a sober person and a new better life. 3 life styles to battle! This is huge and hard and painful buts it’s possible. I’m on my way and others are succeeding. It works beautiful stars. It’s not meant to be easy so don’t make it harder by beating yourself up with negativity to your own self!
This part of your lives won’t necessarily come quickly. Consistency is your friend. Some find it easier than others but that shouldn’t matter because I’ve said it over and over for the last two years I’ve been on here that developing a life that is about ‘YOU’ and your sobriety is the only thing that should matter at the beginning!!
If you go on and on relapsing your not putting in the effort needed to succeed. If you don’t keep meditating and meditating then how can you expect this to work. The universe wants to help you but you must help yourself first. Tough love can be good love. You must choose how extreme you can be with your circumstances.
Do something, make change, make yourself believe in your destiny of stars.
Please understand each day you wake up it’s another opportunity to do change. That’s a huge blessing, don’t waist it!ย 

Now for those that don’t know my story I thought it might put things in perspective and hopefully help:
I moved home, I moved city, I got rid of my mobile, I banned everything in my life related to my addictions, no socialising, changed job, basically the way to look at it is I 100% committed to my sobriety.
I was sober 11 months, 1 relapse and another 6 months.
I did what I felt I had to do to remain sober, that’s not for everyone but the ingredients is there for you to understand.
I’ve been lonely as fuck, struggled hard, bored so many nights and days, lost friends, lost some of my better qualities, not as fun, sad, still in pain, dark nightmares and more but I know something you don’t and that’s I believe in it all!
Through everything; I know that if I remain sober my goals, dreams, destiny, friends, stars and all the things above will come back to me in a whirlwind of passion, beauty, love and care.ย 


Because I figured out how to love my unconditional self!!!!!!!!ย ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™

Life is short and it wants you to be free.
I believe in you all and here is a big hug xxxxxxxxx

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