The Best 2,628,081 Minutes Of My Life ⌚


Five Years Sober

5 Years Sober
60 months
260 weeks of not needing to consume poison
1,825 days
43,801 hours without a drink
2,628,081 minutes!

I find it weird when someone who has been sober for an age, still wants to drink
Pointless even
I mean why would you not do something that you still want to do?
It is nonsensical
Why give up in the first place if you are going to spend the rest of your life suffering because of it

Quantum Sobriety puts freedom on the table
And obviously it is up to the individual if they accept the offer, I can’t do the work for you, but nevertheless it is there waiting for you if you choose to jump into the freedom reality.

The point is the craving has GONE
And it’s not like I deny myself being around alcohol or the talk of it, after all it is my work! I write, speak and teach about it pretty much every minute of every day! It is my passion to share it, so I am not in denial, hiding away from the evil clutches of the poison. Oh no it is in my frigging face all day long, there is no place to hide from it, and that is how I have TRANSCENDED addiction.

You’ve got to go there
You have to stare your demons in the face without blinking
You must be willing to sit as the cravings come
And instead of caving in, once you see them for what they are; that they are actually CREATING the discomfort, you can laugh instead.
This is when they die
F O R  Y O U  T O O K  Y O U R  P O W E R  B A C K

The truth is that I find it difficult sometimes to even REMEMBER what it felt like to be addicted, I am so far away from that reality now. Which is why I have a team in the QS Guides; those who are closer to their addiction than I am, yet still free of it (they have all been through the programme), to talk and connect with those that are taking their first sober steps. We are all on a different stage of our journey, and the beauty about QS is that there is someone at every step of the way saying,

“I understand what you are going through”
“I do not judge you for I have been exactly where you are”
“I see in you precisely what I have been through myself”
“I get you”
“I understand you”
“I love you”

The QS experience is the exact OPPOSITE of so many peoples
‘Once an addict, always an addict’ is old news, sorry
You can’t get away with that one any more, you cannot hide behind the label
For what you are actually doing is denying yourself who you really are
And when you find the courage to look deep within
You find a bottomless pit of bliss
For us addicts are not weak, oh no, we have had the strength to drink/drug/binge-eat anyone else under the table, every day of the week.
W E  A R E  S T R O N G
Do not underestimate an addict!
They have simply lost their way a bit, and once guided onto the path of self-liberation they soon flourish.

Perhaps there is someone that you know that doesn’t yet believe they can do it
Maybe if they read these words they might begin to notice the light within themselves
Could you please SHARE this blog
So that we can get the message where it needs to be
And so we can eliminate FOR GOOD the belief that change is not possible

This picture of me in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon Pose) is another milestone. A posture that I have NEVER been able to do until the eve of my fifth soberversary. In 20 years of yoga (17 of which teaching) this has been my nemesis!, and I never thought at 45 years old I would be doing asanas that have been out of reach my whole life. But here is the proof, that arm has never been in that position before! And that foot has never been caught before by said arm!

More proof that ANYTHING is possible
And what this has done over the last couple of days is put a bigger rocket up my arse; time to shatter more held beliefs about myself and what is possible.
Time to go further
Time to go deeper
Time to break through the mould of society, and find out who you really are

This is the result of 5 years of sobriety
For once the substances have been put down, there is a real opportunity to find out who you are. A chance to connect to your potential, something unfortunately that destructive addiction snatches away. It becomes about who YOU have been all along, hidden away out of sight, underneath the layers of ‘life’.

Now I am dedicated to myself
I practice meditation EVERY day
I practice yoga nearly every day
I journal EVERY day
I put myself first now, for I know that everyone else benefits when I do
I can say that I like myself
I can say that I LOVE MYSELF
I am enough, and my hand is held out for anyone else that wants to find the freedom that is waiting for them within; please don’t deny the world your true beautiful self any longer xx

*this blog was originally published in October 2017


Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

As I walked home last night i reflected on how much i have changed. I thought about and imagined drinking wine and it just felt like empty spacy depression. And meditation keeps showing me what I need to work on….But its all good. Glad i ripped the Band Aid off.
Online Member



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