Fertile Ground 🌱

Daily Motivation 189


Whatever we have experienced and put ourselves and others through, forgive everyone concerned and move on.
Free yourself from shame, guilt, remorse and anger over the stupid things you’ve done and set yourself free. For only YOU can do this, no one else can give that authorisation.

All that you have been through has created FERTILE GROUND for your amazing future. You went through all of it for a reason; to learn something; to grow; to realise how strong you are.

You haven’t done anything wrong by self-medicating on food, drugs or alcohol; you simply did what you did to anaesthetise from the pain you were feeling at the time.
However, now that you’ve found meditation you have a tool which allows you to sit with that pain and understand the why of it.

Then, you have a beautiful opportunity, a path that not many take. For most stay in this place of suffering and torture. They believe that they must remain in hell, forever struggling and feeling a desire to go back to that dark place; to beat themselves up about it over and over again.

But you can transcend it.
If you CHOOSE to.

Each past experience, every hangover, the pain, the guilt, the sorrow; are all seeds you can now plant and grow into your amazing future. Rather than this desperate situation being your downfall, it becomes the FERTILE GROUND of your future success.
I don’t believe we are given anything that we are not able to deal with. Us addicts are strong enough to transmute our adversity into a blessing, if we choose to.

I did.
You wouldn’t be reading this if I hadn’t.
I wouldn’t be able to support the thousands I already have if I hadn’t have pulled myself out of the gutter and realised I had it in my power to turn the situation around.

And when you have a community of like-minded addicts all supporting and lifting each other up, so that the individual can access their inner potential, you have pure magic.

Each members strength joins with the groups.
The energy cumulates.
The group becoming more and more powerful to bring about this ALCHEMY IN ACTION.

What you see as weakness, I see as unrecognised strength.
What you see as despair, I see as potential.
What you see as hopelessness, I see as FERTILE GROUND.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

And remember the glass can always be filled up again.
Don’t settle for struggle.
You deserve more than that.
And if you don’t believe it then surround yourself with people that do.
Let in the light.
Start to see your life in a different way.

Plant new seeds today in the fertile ground of your past.
You have so much experience.
You have so much to give others.
To share what you’ve learnt.
Don’t drown in it, transcend it.
Meet the world with what you have.

And the future is so beautiful if you allow it in.
Bright, clear, open, colourful, joyful, effervescent, focused, sunny, blessed and full of contentment.
What do you choose today?

*While Jo is in a private retreat we will be sharing some of her blogs from the archive which we hope you will enjoy revisiting, or reading for the first time. 
This blog was originally posted on 24/04/16

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