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Daily Motivation 235

Today brings an end to our ten day duty of chauffeur to Rajmohan and Usher Gandhi on their UK visit. To say it has been an honour, pleasure and privilege is an understatement and I’d like to share with you the biggest of all insights (and there have been many) from the past ten days….

He is Gandhi’s grandson, yet he has no ego

This comes as no surprise yet has been a blessing and teaching to behold and cherish
I cannot tell you how much I have learnt from them, through their selfless service.

His grandfather is one of the most well known men to ever walk on this earth
At 82 his schedule has been gruelling but he has not complained once
He calls Dom ‘sir’ in the car and constantly thanks us for our service
He is grateful, kind and generous
And his wife Usher has attended every single engagement too; strong and devoted in the background, holding the space for magic to happen

When I spoke to our friends and clients that attended the public event on Thursday there was a word that we all agreed on; that Rajmohan is so


He didn’t try and answer questions that he had no knowledge about
He didn’t pretend to be someone that he isn’t
He has not pushed anything on anyone
And does not see himself as a teacher

And in these days of lies from the food and drink industry, media, politicians and the fakeness of social media, Professor Gandhi has been like a breath of fresh air these past ten days. At 82 he is such an inspiration of how the world could be, and the dialogue that he has been having whilst in London should bring us great hope.

What a life lesson!

And we are so very grateful for this opportunity
And have learnt so much about staying grounded and true to yourself
Wow! So much to think about and absorb, and such a gift to take home with us today and live life with less ego.

Tomorrow this blog will be written once again from Hill Farm, where Rajmohan visited as a young man and then again visited with Usher up until the 1980’s. I will share with you my own thoughts on ego and how we can learn to let it go and fall back into something much more precious, pure; a state of pure bliss….

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I’m loving the meditations Jo and the whole QS thing.  I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to achieve over the past month.  I set my alarm at 5.30am each day to beat the baby and most of the time I’m able to start my day with a 30min meditation.

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