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Daily Motivation 175

For the next three days I am going to give you exercises to help you quantum jump into the life that you dream of, for it is all out there just waiting for you to BELIEVE that YOU can have it. These are the exercises that I do on a daily basis that take me to where I know I belong, yet where we are not taught in our societies to take ourselves.

This first exercise is perfect to do today with the weekend coming up as we need to get ready for whatever activities we’ll be engaging in. This is also ideal to prepare yourself mentally for an event; wedding, night out, meal in a restaurant etc…

Close your eyes and imagine the activity happening with the best possible outcome. For example if it is going out for a meal and not drinking, visualise yourself at the table enjoying your food and not even missing the wine. Realise how much more you are enjoying the food because the flavour is not being masked by the taste of the alcohol; wine does NOT improve the flavour of food, that is merely clever marketing by the wine industry and part of our societal conditioning.

SEE yourself laughing, smiling, and enjoying the conversation totally sober.
FEEL how proud you are of yourself; where in your body can you feel that?
Stay with the visualisation for a couple of minutes, or longer if you have the time
Return to this image and feeling numerous times during the day; you could set a timer as a reminder to do this at hourly intervals in the beginning, as you get used to the process.

You just quantum jumped
You just took yourself into the future that you WANT to create
And that future IS possible because you were just there

And because you already created the image in your mind and set up the energy, all you have to do is walk into that reality in the physical realm; IT’S ALREADY HAPPENED IN A FUTURE REALITY; your physical self is merely catching up with your mind.

Do you see?
Do you understand how it works?
That what you create in your mind FIRST
Then manifests on the physical plane SECOND
And the deeper you go into that initial visualisation, the deeper and stronger you make that alternate reality!

And then the more you do this
The more used to this process you become
The easier it gets
You effortless can jump into alternate realities at will
You effortless can create the sober life that you dream of


Do you get it?
Exercise TWO coming tomorrow….


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