EXERCISE 2️⃣ Stepping Outside Of Struggle ✨

Daily Motivation 176

How was yesterdays exercise?
It’s really really simple but something that we are not used to doing; we seem to usually get stuck in the struggle of the situation with it seeming like there is no way out. But now you know how to pull yourself out!

In todays exercise we will build on this same concept, but do this within meditation so that it becomes normal when we are out and triggered.

Perhaps do this at the end of your regular meditation session when you are already centred and in a relaxed state.
Then take yourself into a triggered state and sit there for around 30 or 60 seconds

Notice how the trigger is affecting your mind
Notice how the trigger is affecting your body
Notice how the trigger is affecting your breath

There are all sorts of things going on, on many different levels of your being right now

Now ‘untrigger’ yourself and come to peace within your heart
Take yourself to a place where you have transcended the trigger and are happy without the substance; a quantum jump to a different reality as we did in yesterdays exercise.
Stay here for a few minutes

Notice how this peace is affecting your mind
Notice how this peace is affecting your body
Notice how this peace is affecting your breath
Which reality do you want to live in?
Where would you rather be?
And you do know you have a choice, right?

It is up to you where you live within your own mind
Both options are available
And the more you get used to the feeling of freedom in your mind, your body and your breath then the easier it will be to quantum jump into a freer reality when you next get triggered. And doing this within meditation is the ideal training ground for your everyday life.
Exercise 3 coming tomorrow!
Let me know how you get on!

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I did this quantum jumping last weekend at a pub lunch without realising that’s what it was. Brilliant tho I will be quantum jumping all the time now !
E, Online Programme
Will make quantum jumping a habit – as you’ve said before Jo – get the right vibrational match by visualising and it has to happen !
V, Residential Retreat and Online Programme
Love this. There has been research that shows that the brain cannot always tell the difference between an imagined picture and a ‘real’ picture. It is the context around it that supplies ‘reality’. I won’t go on but quantum jumping is real, visualisation is so important and it’s why if you are negative and fear the worst, the worst tends to happen. So picture and think happy, positive, healthy, kind, loving, fun …… as much as you can!
S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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