What Are Your Emotions Telling You? 😀😳😭😡😍

Daily Motivation 212

We are getting messages all day everyday, in the form of our emotions
So what are YOUR emotions telling you?

When we are IN alignment with our truth we feel alive, energised and happy
When we are OUT of alignment we are stuck, depressed, down and unhappy

What we can do is become AWARE of this and then make some changes
Obviously we cannot change what we are not aware of so this is the first step.
So tune in now to your body
Close your eyes and step back from your thoughts
Where does you mind want to go?

When we are IN alignment with our truth we feel alive, energised and happy
When we close our eyes alignment feels like a connection to something bigger than us; a collective-consciousness that feeds our soul and gently tells us that everything is going to be ok; even when it isn’t, there remains a sense of deep inner calm.

Our emotions are a language that most of the time we ignore, so from today can you listen in and find out what is really going on? For our natural state is one of connection so each emotion acts as a signal guiding you home.

Step back today and watch 😀😳😭😡😍

Observe yourself and what you are putting out to the quantum, for it is listening to what you are communicating to it and providing EXACTLY what you ask for, in every moment. Consciously or unconsciously this is happening whether we like it or not! So why not become more conscious and begin to create EXACTLY what you DO want today. Let me know how you get on….

Yesterday’s Quantum Meditation:

Which card did I pull?
Sometimes I choose a crystal ally card on my livestreams and it seems fitting yesterday seeing as it was the first of the month. Which card did I pull, and what is the energy of the month going to be driven by? Watch to find out; it’s a good one!
I am not live today (input day) but will be back TOMORROW morning at 8am GMT. Hope to see you there….

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Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

So much kindness in our group this past few days. We all seem to really have our hearts open at the moment xxx

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