Where Are You On The Effort/Flow Chart? 📊📉

Daily Motivation 171

I’d like to give you an example of being totally in your flow.
It happened to me yesterday
And then it happened to Dom also
You Could Call This:
😉📈 A Day In The Life Of Being In Flow…. 
So we have a QS retreat beginning later on today for the next five days so yesterday was an ‘input’ day without guests or anything that I needed to do. We both turned off our alarms and had already decided that we would go out for Sunday roast. A rested day was forecast and everything set in place for that to happen…..
What actually happened:
⚛ We both woke up early and naturally without an alarm; BECAUSE WE BOTH LOVE GETTING UP EARLY 
⚛ Once fully awake and a cup of tea inside me I got back into bed and began to write a blog; BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO
⚛ Blog written I then sat up in bed with the duvet around me and meditated like that; BECAUSE I LOVE TO MEDITATE
⚛ Much later than usual I got out of bed, pulled on some gym clothes and did yoga, BECAUSE I LOVE IT
⚛ Dom then sauntered in from the garden (BECAUSE HE LOVES BEING IN THE GARDEN)
⚛ And said to me, “I much prefer MY roast potatoes and healthy roast, do you want to stay in and have a healthy roast later?”
To which I replied,
“Hell yes!”
BECAUSE I LOVE BEING HEALTHY and I love Dom’s roast potatoes cooked in coconut oil rather than the restaurants unhealthy version.
I live my dream life everyday
There is no compromise now
For why would I CHOOSE any other way when I know and experience flow as the norm?
I have created the life that I love
I only do what I enjoy
So what I realised pretty early in the day yesterday was:
🌟 I Was Doing All Of The Same Things,
Just Slightly Later In The Day 😂
THAT is what having a dream life looks like:
Your day ‘off’ looks exactly the same as your day ‘on’
Because you only DO what you want 🌀
So where are YOU on the effort / flow chart?
Are you over to the left of the scale or more to the right?
Do you want to change?
Do you want more flow?
If you do then congratulations, your just upgraded to Next Level Living
More on that in tomorrows blog…..

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Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

This is my first sober Saturday night for three years…….And now I’m going to bed, not staggering up the stairs and I’ll be clear to enjoy tomorrow when my 4 year old comes bouncing in. The puffiness has gone from under my eyes and I just feel quietly happy and very hopeful. Just wanted to share that with people who will understand what these seemingly little things mean when you experience them for the first time sober – I hope you have had a good start to the weekend and look forward to knowing people a bit better soon 
L, Online Programme

Enjoy that wonderful feeling when you wake up in the morning and remember you didn’t drink last night – savour how that makes you feel
J, Online Programme

L, what a beautiful post to wake up to this morming. Love it. This is what freedom looks like. Congratulations on your first sober Saturday for years. I remember how that felt and it was so wonderful. Fantastic achievement. You’ve shown yourself you can do it and will be stronger moving forwards. So pleased and happy for you
S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

Good for you L … keep em coming , build on these feelings and memories next time you want a drink. I always find having a plan for Saturday and Sunday mornings helpful. Yesterday I had a run planned with a friend (we ran 12k ! as her sense of distance is terrible!) and today we’re off round the forest on mountain bikes… enjoy your Sunday
E, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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