Eating In Service To My Body 👣

Just five weeks into my one year raw ‘challenge’ and I’ve had the most enormous shift. 
A few weeks ago I had a session with our Quantum Healer Carol and she told me I would not need to continue eating this way for a whole year; that I would receive the answers I was searching for much earlier than that. And the first piece of the jigsaw puzzle landed last weekend

As usual with seismic shifts it was information that I already knew intellectually, becoming experiential 

I have become startlingly aware of how physically full I am feeling when eating fruit. A large mango with a few berries for dinner or half a pineapple will suffice, and eating any more feels like force-feeding myself. I am naturally stopping eating when feeling full and satisfied, and feel deeply in tune with my body.  

So it was after such a dinner last weekend as I sat on my sofa in a content state, with the wonderful paradoxical feeling of fullness and lightness, that something landed;

I was eating
purely to be in service to my BODY
rather than my MIND

I realised I was laughing as well as my face flushing, as I fully embodied this information
I knew it was  H U G E 
I knew there was no going back from it

And just as my life a number of years ago had become one of service to others, after years of hedonism and service to myself, a similar shift had just occurred. I saw how clearly I had been eating to please the addicted mind, the conditioned mind, the craving mind. 

So I ask you to observe today and forever more; 
Whatever you are about to eat/drink/snort/smoke
Is it the BODY or the MIND that wants to consume that?
WHY are you eating/drinking/snorting/smoking?

Is it out of habit
Is it because you have been told to
Is it because everyone else does
Is it merely because you always have

Begin to question your motives
But even more importantly
Begin to LISTEN to your body
What does it want
What does it require to be at its optimum
The answer will be different for each of us

And at this time in history
We are being asked to clear our vessels 
So that
We can become channels for the light
So removing obstacles is where the work lies
Physically, mentally and emotionally

I have also claimed my 10% not raw this week, in a quite unexpected way. After a whole day in London this week, Dominic and I were exhausted and hot having been caught in traffic for hours. We were hungry and it was late, so we stopped off at the chip shop and I had a bag of chips; it felt good to be ‘naughty’ and I enjoyed every single morsel, without an ounce of regret at having broken my own rules. After more than five weeks of only raw fruit and veggies, it was a mammoth leap and my body coped extremely well. The following day I was back to raw and I’m pleased with myself for the lack of self-flagellation, that would have been the hallmark of my past behaviour. 

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

Big fucking shift. HUGE. Did Yoga and realised love cannot flourish in an environment of fear…And i have shed a layer today that needed shifting❤️”

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