About Carol: 

Carol is a qualified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, but Healing is her passion! She is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and channels ‘Quantum’ Healing. Carol works intuitively and knows exactly what treatment you need- even if you don’t!

When people come on retreat at Inner Guidance, they ‘think’ they need a massage, but actually what most people need is healing! When you hold tension in your body it usually stems from an emotional issue. Receiving healing helps your body release any negativity you have been holding onto, very often from a past trauma or experience. Whatever treatment you choose, Carol will always use healing as part of the session to balance your mind, body and spirit.

While you are on your mini retreat, there is an opportunity to enjoy treatments from Carol, who offers the following therapies:

Quantum Healing/Reiki

Carol uses Healing to help gain access to what is causing you stress or worry. It can help you release any negativity that has been causing you physical and emotional problems, leaving you feeling calmer in body and clearer in mind.

Acu-Sound Therapy

Using Tuning Forks, Acu Sound Therapy uses vibration to locate areas that are blocked and helps to balance you physically, mentally and emotionally. Our bodies vibrate continuously and the tuning forks resonates with our own vibration to bring about the balance that is needed.

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage

Most people hold tension in their back, neck and shoulders, either through poor posture, stress or exercising. This massage targets tight areas in your shoulders, neck and back muscles, leaving you feeling more flexible and relaxed.


By applying pressure to specific points on your feet you can treat and heal problems elsewhere in the body. This relaxing treatment can help balance the body and encourage any blocked energy to flow freely again.

The Inner Guidance Special

This treatment incorporates 20 minutes Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, 20 minutes Quantum Healing/Reiki and 20 minutes Zen Tibetan Acu-Sound Therapy all condensed into an hour (we love it and this is what Jo recommends!)

All 60 minute treatments are £67

All 30 minute treatments are £44

Contact Carol directly to book your treatment:

Phone:  +44(0)7813 430783
Email:    carol4barrett@btinternet.com