Drowning In Toxic Perfume ⚠️

Daily Motivation 343


Every airport these days makes you walk through their Duty Free shop to get to your gate, and whether we like it or not we have perfume, chocolate, alcohol and cigarettes forced upon us.

“No I don’t want your toxic perfume sprayed all over me thanks”

Most are totally unaware of the power of conditioning as this gauntlet claims its victims at every corner. At Stansted there is a whole crowd of us that pass through security at the same time and begin the challenge.
The first gets pulled away into the discount cigarette aisle.
The next into a pool of alcohol on sale.
Then one by one perfumes and face creams temp the holiday makers to part with their hard earned cash.

The masked smiles promise perfection but we are sold a lie for these images don’t belong to anyone that exists on the planet; reality is airbrushed away as wrinkles don’t sell expensive designer products and who gets tempted into that fancy double malt by the bloodshot eyes of the alcoholic face?

But we do buy into it, as by the time we are spat out the other end of the consumer tunnel there are just a handful of us left. Survivors who didn’t drown in the toxic perfume.

Why don’t we question these products more?
Why don’t we wonder about the fake faces and unrealistic dream of perfection?
Who wants to be perfect anyway?
What’s wrong with embracing individualism? Enjoying who we are without having to pretend, change or mask?


As kids we are desperate to fit in; wear the right clothes, smell of the latest perfume and have the coolest haircut. But weren’t we supposed to grow out of this trend? Were we not meant to find our way as grown adults and just BE US?
The problem is that we are bombarded with these hidden messages to fit in:

‘Use this face cream and look amazing at 70 like this famous person’
‘Wear these designer clothes like the latest rock star and you will be as popular as they are’
‘Smell like this celebrity and you will be more successful / sexy / rich’
‘Eat this food and you will be more cool’ (even though it is killing you)

Millions is spent on advertising, and it works.
With names like:

Heat Kissed
1 Million
The One
(these were just the ones on the plane)

On the other hand regular meditation and connecting to source energy so that you don’t need any of that ‘stuff’ doesn’t make anyone any money! If we were all healthy and happy we wouldn’t need to feel the need to fit in more, and all of a sudden the marketing machine comes to a grinding halt and the flashy shiny companies are defunct.

I can see that day coming, for it has happened in our household already to a degree. We don’t buy into fake food, fake smells or fake lifestyle. Meditation takes all of that away, so perhaps if you’re not ready for that then meditation is not for you!

We are all unique.
We are all beautiful just the way we are.
And overpriced creams, expensive perfume, alcohol, sweets, fancy this and that takes away from our natural vibrancy.


You are amazing just as you are.
You don’t need anything external to yourself to be happy
Why are you taking yourself further away from the truth of who you really are?


Dare you sit still for ten minutes and see what is there deep within your heart?
Are you ready to listen to the language of your soul as it flashes it’s insights up into your consciousness?
I see you
I hear you
I smell you
I hold you
And you are so much MORE beautiful in your natural state
I love you completely for who you truly are 💛🙏

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