Don’t Believe Your Thoughts


Take the following words into your day
Use them as a focus
Come back to them whenever you get pulled into drama or stress
Or when you forget that anything is possible…

“Living Inside Out
Not Outside In

It’s Not About Your Thoughts,
And Only About Your Vibration.”


Member Quote Of The Day:

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

When I joined QS nearly three years ago, I had just two commitments: Meditation and Sobriety. That was it. It was hard but every day there were choices and every day I chose to meditate and not to drink alcohol. I stumbled, especially around the drink, but every day I re-committed. Then one day, it was like magic, I was in the reality I had imagined myself to be in. I just knew meditation would always be a part of my life and that drink would no longer be (without missing it!)
What are you committing to?
I hope you have a great day wherever you are.

Residential Retreat and Online Member



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