Do You Really Want It? 🤔


Our journey to freedom can be a tricky one
We say we want to stop drinking, drugging, shouting, eating crap, dating unsuitable people etc…
But WHY do we still do it? 

I’ve stayed in relationships far too long
Said “I’m never drinking again” too many times to remember
Smoked cigarette after cigarette promising it was to be my last one
Yet I always faltered
Went back on my word
Changed my mind
And it frustrated the life out of me
But WHY did I do it over and over again?

The great news is that just by WANTING to better yourself you are already on the road to freedom; even if it doesn’t feel like it. So keep dreaming and keep putting one foot after the next on this sometimes challenging path.

The answer is that you are not yet quite in alignment with your goal
You can’t be
If you were then you would already been living that alternate, heightened life
What are you not believing?
How can you shift your mindset to a place where your dreams ARE POSSIBLE?

More good news
The darkest hour is just before dawn
And a huge shift usually comes just AFTER a low period
Like the rushing forwards of the waves after a sucking back
Perhaps a particularly ugly episode with too much booze is the signal that something has got to change…
Breakdowns can be breakthroughs but we usually don’t see it like that, yet with guidance and support at this point in time you are at the cusp of tremendous growth.

GREAT news
Then once the internal shift has happened it is like a cascade of positivity through your life
Now: you see everything differently
Now: it is EFFORTLESS to behave in the same way that used to be such a struggle
Now: you prioritise your health, your happiness, and what is important to you
Now: you watch as the desire to harm yourself weakens; how could you have treated yourself in that way before!
Now: you are SHOCKED at what you put yourself and others through
Now: your brain is different

I have been so lucky this year that two of my teachers have come from abroad to London to give teachings. As soon as I got the dates I made plans so that I could be there, with one I had quite a lot to get covered but going was non-negotiable; IT WAS NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Now with what I eat and drink it is NON-NEGOTIABLE for my choices to be the healthiest possible. It’s not always easy when out but with a little bit of preparation (I travelled on the train into London yesterday with salad, seeds and olives; yum!) it is totally doable. Whatever restaurant you eat in there is always salad to order, and more and more restaurants are offering healthier choices, with more non-alcoholic beverages about these days.

And it’s not just food and drink, I am talking about consumption on all levels;
Social media etc

I am particular with all of it;
I won’t entertain negativity in any area of my life whether its toxic food or a spiteful tongue, life is far too precious for that. And I’m not saying this in a superior way; simply demonstrating that you have control and power in ALL areas of your life.

Meditation is of course my ultimate NON-NEGOTIABLE and I will be talking tomorrow about my 20 year journey, sometimes battle, with it. I want to share how it has changed over the years, and you may recognise some of these experiences. What a journey!

So does every single cell in your body want whatever you are wishing for right now?
Or is there a tad of resistance?
For that resistance is like brakes on a train pulling into a station, only you won’t make it to your destination unless you are 100% all in.
Are you?
Is your dream NON-NEGOTIABLE?
And if not, why not?

*this blog was first published in July 2017

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

It’s day 3 today of my holiday in Egypt all inclusive with *** and the two boys. So many feelings have come up but in a good way. I’m peeling off another layer!
I’m drinking 10-12 bottles of water a day. Green tea, coffee and normal tea. It’s all ok!
Amazing layer peeling session is happening on an all inclusive holiday where I’m meant to be triggered. The power of your mind!!!!

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