🍀 Do You Realise How LUCKY You Are? 🍀

Daily Motivation 214

The perception is that an addict is weak, unfortunate, unlucky, hopeless etc…
Holy four-leaf-clover what if…
….the exact opposite were true? 
That is what I believe
For if you are comfortable, loved, looked after and all is at ease in your world, then you are NOT going to look to expand yourself, are you? You will stay the same with no reason to search beyond the current satisfaction that you’re experiencing. 
On the other hand for YOU reading this, there is a spark of potential that you feel in your heart. Something that is whispering to you,
🍀 Go beyond your fears
Sit with discomfort
For only then can you transcend it 🍀
Can you see how lucky you are? 
To be one of those that DOES have this insight? 
That hears the call
Heeds the heart  
Witnesses truth
Potential possible
For most it’s not
But for you 
Potential IS possible
Can you see how lucky you are? 🍀

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