Do You Love Or Hate Yourself? 💙 vs 💔

Daily Motivation 222

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His Holiness Dalai Lama
Leading on from last week’s poignant quote, I’d like to share with you a story that I heard decades ago that really stuck in my mind about the Dalai Lama. The following is taken from Sharon Salzberg’s website, who had this actual encounter with him, 
“What do you think about self-hatred?” I asked when it was my turn to bring up an issue for discussion. I was eager to get directly to the suffering I had seen so often in my students, a suffering I was familiar with myself. The room went quiet as all of us awaited the answer of the Dalai Lama, revered leader of Tibetan Buddhism. Looking startled, he turned to his translator and asked pointedly in Tibetan again and again for an explanation. Finally, turning back to me, the Dalai Lama tilted his head, his eyes narrowed in confusion. “Self-hatred?” he repeated in English. “What is that?”
All of us gathered at that 1990 conference in Dharmsala, India-philosophers, psychologists, scientists, and meditators-were from Western countries, and self-hatred was something we immediately understood. That this man, whom we all recognized as having a profound psychological and spiritual grasp of the human mind, found the concept of self-hatred incomprehensible made us aware of how many of us found it all but unavoidable. During the remainder of the session, the Dalai Lama repeatedly attempted to explore the contours of self-hatred with us. At the end he said, “I thought I had a very good acquaintance with the mind, but now I feel quite ignorant. I find this very, very strange.”
What I find astonishing about this encounter is that the Dalai Lama had to LEARN how to self-hate when he came to the west; it simply is not known in Tibet. 
What if now that we know this, we can work towards eliminating self-hate from our lives too? 
What if that just by knowing there are others on our planet who live from love and know nothing of denigrating themselves, that we can also?
Could you love yourself?
Could you only speak to yourself with encouragement and support? 
Do you already think it?
Do you believe it?
Can you make that step in this life-time?
Can you shift into that reality?
For if we can get into this new mindset then there would be no need to hide from life by numbing out with booze, food, games and social media. We would know how to find what we need from within; it’s all there you know, perhaps locked away right now but please believe me that it is just waiting for you to realise that just like the Dalai Lama, you could also live a life as if you had NEVER hated yourself; just like the tagline of QS: creating a reality as if you’d never been addicted. For we are addicted to not just substances but emotions and ways of being, so by harnessing the QS approach you will amplify every corner of your life…

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
“Jo – I love this post!! I just did Creation & Manifestation meditations – preparing myself for time with my family & sister this weekend! Although I have heard the Buddhist teaching of seeing others as our spiritual guide countless times before – today I was able to actually Do It!! I visioned a dinner table and seeing a spark of the divine glowing in each family member their light shining seeing them acting from their heart – I couldn’t do this for my sister – but I pushed again and managed to feel complete compassion and gratefulness towards her feeling so thankful that she is making me face my fears of being disliked, not being considered good enough, – I am actually thankful that she is making me face my demons and can see her as my spiritual guide”
J, Online Programme

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