Do You Know Your Purpose In Life? šŸ¤”


I spent yesterday as silent as I could; contemplating life, the tour, QS, and the journey around the UKĀ andĀ Ireland that I’ve been on now for six days straight.

What struck me was how much I was enjoying all aspects of the tour; the deliverence of this approach and the inspired faces of those perhaps hearing for the first time that freedom for them is possible, and the actual travel from city to city. I’ve always loved to travel and fly, so to take the work that I adore so much out on the road is a total win/win situation.

The QS tour has got me really clear about what my purpose / calling is, and at the first two events IĀ endedĀ the workshops talking about my intention for them; not for financial gain, but to spread the word and take QS to the people, rather than wait for the people to come to Suffolk.


And the realisation of thisĀ as I was sitting on the runway at Edinburgh, about to take off for Dublin felt like a door within me opening and a new step was taken. In the ensuing days since that shift, this feeling has only become more enhanced.

As an entrepreneur for the last 18 years I have been continually ‘striving’ for my place in the world,Ā which always seemedĀ just out of reach, and aĀ pushing ofĀ boundaries and searching for something within my currentĀ project. This time last year I had a similar shift to do with the charity that Dom and I are involved in; in fact we both realised at the same time that we dedicate our lives to service, rather than business; switchingĀ fully from a ‘service to self’ to ‘service to others’ intention in a more official/verbal way.

This week it also happened with QS; the ‘pushing’ stopped and anĀ ‘allowing’ energy commenced. The team are in place around the country, the community are supporting each other in the most beautiful way, and my job is to speak and deliver the message and essence of what QS is to those that haven’t yet heard the news that FREEDOM is possible.

How frigging exciting is that?

And I am relieved to let go of the push, the force, the uphill struggle of ‘trying’ to get it out there
I no longer need to do that
I trust
I know, and see,Ā that it now has its own energy
And those legs areĀ moving!

This is what happens in QS; you find out who you are and where you’re going. It is a school of life, beginning with an addiction but going way beyond that. In the second year of the online programme, it becomes much less about the substance and behaviours that you joined for, and more about purpose and your calling in life; after all:Ā why are you here?Ā 

So I’ll leave you with that question today
Allow you to ponder such an all-encompassing, live-changing enquiry
And I’d love to know the answer that comes from your heart….

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

So pleased for you ***Ā 
I’ve had the same experience: by calmly stating that I don’t drink any more because it used to be a problem, some people start talking about how they want to drink less. We have to own our sobriety to experience a lack of pressure to drink from people. Interesting, isn’t it?
D, Residential Retreat and Online Member

The QS Tour

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The journey between Ireland and Sheffield yesterday!

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