Do YOU Believe In Unicorns? 🦄

Daily Motivation 358


There is magic you know
It is all around
Waiting for you to BELIEVE

If you don’t BELIEVE then you won’t see it
If you do BELIEVE then just wait for the quantum to deliver dreams to your door

We live in a world of possibilities
Everything has already been created, and it is our job to CHOOSE which potential we are going to experience.
As we collapse the wave function
We CHOOSE which reality will manifest
And science shows us that this is fact

If you do not believe in unicorns then unicorns don’t exist
If you DO believe in unicorns then unicorns exist

If you believe you can never be free from drink / drugs / cigarettes / crappy food then you won’t be,
If you DO believe in FREEDOM then that is the future you are CHOOSING
So what are you CHOOSING today?

One day last week I was feeling a bit cheeky and decided that to demonstrate my belief in this I would bring my unicorn li-lo into my meditation practice, and wow she is soooooo comfortable as a cushion! And she will be making an entrance every so often just to bring magical energy into my, and your life, IF YOU CHOOSE IT.

I began that very first recording saying,

I want to demonstrate that life really can be all about rainbows and unicorns. We are celebrating magic today

You will see the picture at the beginning of the meditation is ‘normal’ and then at the end MAGIC has happened and there is an almighty light show going on; and if that is not magic then please tell me what it is! You see me at the end commenting on the bonkers light, and now in the photo I can see rainbows too! 🌈

What we BELIEVE we become
So what are YOU becoming today?

And don’t forget that I am livestreaming my own (silent) meditation practice everyday (sometimes with Stripe the unicorn) so that you can join me on the quantum. It would be lovely to have you there….

Click the picture to watch the recording

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝I agree about meditation and want to tell newbies that mine is sometimes still rubbish, after 16 months in this programme. But sometimes great and always essential. Ultimately rewarding… it’s giving you invisible superpowers (to calm yourself when you hit stress or triggers), so keep doing it. Find lots of different ones: short, long, with music, guided, or live group meditations in your community❞

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