🙌 Do You ASK For Support? 🙌


It is imperative that we have the right support around us, for we ALL need it. Overwhelm comes along when we feel unable to cope with our work-load, emotions, relationships or responsibilities. Addicts tend to be perfectionists too, so we HAVE to do things fully and properly; creating even more pressure on ourselves when life doesn’t turn out quite the way we expected it to.

I am currently going through a massive stage of LETTING GO
Letting go of controlling life
Letting go of needing to control my environment
Letting go of the compulsion to do everything
Letting go of things having to be ‘perfect’

There is a real fresh start feeling right now
I have a new physical team whom I am training
I have a new virtual team who are stepping up massively and supporting the online community
I feel truly supported
I have amazing people around me
And I am learning to ALLOW them to do what they are best at; without getting in the way
I am in training; to be able to let go and trust that others are just as capable as me

So what do YOU need?
The first step is of course to ASK for help
What could you ask for today?
Who could support you today, to make life easier for you?
Or perhaps it is as subtle as TELLING someone that you are struggling?
…a problem shared is a problem halved, as the saying goes.

QS Guide Theresa stepped in on Sunday and did the livestream training in our private group that I normally do, as I was at a family party. I didn’t even need to ask as she offered, but she did such a great job that I have now ASKED the other Guides to do the training now and again.
Did you hear that?
I am not going to do everything myself any longer
And do you know what? It feels frigging great…..

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

You were great Theresa!!

D, Online Programme

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