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Member Quote Of The Week:

Inspirational words from one of our members this week who did the residential retreat in 2016, had one lapse in 2017 and is now one year (again) into sobriety, so really two years!

There are tough days, boring moments, struggles and wrong decisions along the way! This is just life but if QS has taught me anything its commitment to daily practise that will benefit you the most. Leaving that old life behind you is yes not easy but it is essential! We have to change, what level of change is up to you! I decided to change everything and start from scratch and now I am slowly building back the blocks of life! Only keeping what’s good, vital and positive for the new me. 

Goodness it’s one hell of a journey and I’ve been very blessed along the way. Two things that I feel help me more than most is my awareness to letting go of control and ego as much as possible. Letting things just be no matter what and gratitude. I give so much gratitude to so many things, out loud, in my head and on paper! If you spent time with me personally you would hear me speaking on gratitude more than anything else! This gratitude makes me smile, it makes me breath better, it makes me feel energised and I’m 100% sure it’s directly linked to how well I’m doing. Mostly though I’m sober and as it was on the day I arrived to Inner Guidance for rehab and it is today my sobriety comes before anything or anyone else! That’s where my true happiness lies. Not dormant anymore!!

 Residential Retreat and Online Member



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