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Daily Motivation 275


This blog is written on the morning that it is sent out
But not today
I wrote this yesterday and when you receive it this morning, I will still be tucked up in bed (well that is the plan anyway!)

Today is my INPUT day
I’ve moved all of my appointments so that there is no giving, no work, no emails and no livestreams (maybe a little social media though!).

Instead I am going to do things that I NEVER do!

  • Lie in until I’m bored
  • Meditate in bed
  • Have a bath
  • Sort through my wardrobe and chuck loads of stuff out
  • Watch some tv (I ordered a boxset for the occasion)
  • Go for a walk (we are always too busy)

Ok so maybe there won’t be enough time in the day for all of it, and not stressing and enjoying doing pretty much NOTHING is what is important here.
I am a go go go type of person
There is always emails to catch up on
There is always social media to follow
There is always a to-do list a mile long
There are always clients to follow up with

Today is for me
Today I will write in my journal
And only do what lifts me, relaxes me and brings a smile to my lips.

SELF-CARE is vital
SELF-CARE is a life-saver
So when are YOU booking in your next self-care day?
And what will YOU be doing on it?

Get it booked in, and enjoy every minute
I will be….


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝I had a drinking dream last night and an insight this morning. So consistency IS key and meditation (and quiet reflection time that leads to or is facilitated by journalling) is what leads to insights, progress, feeling GOOD!!❞

D, Residential Retreat and Online Programme


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