Did It Wear Off Yet? 🙈

Daily Motivation 261


A student I’ve not seen for a while asked me a question this week and as I answered I realised a huge quantum leap that I’ve taken and not really digested its implications. She said,

“Goodness Jo, I’ve not seen you since before your retreat back in March. How was it? I bet it’s worn off by now!” 

And it was then that I realised the change as I said,

“Why no, it has most definitely not worn off. The shift that took place was PERMANENT. I can never go back to who I was”

And I remember years back that the effects of a retreat would last up to three months, and no longer, as back then I was drinking and hadn’t learnt the art holding my vibe high. I’d get pulled into drama, forgetting all that I had learnt and it was as if I had never been on retreat at all.

So much has changed now
Now that my meditation practice has been ramped up and a serious commitment to it made:
I know how to tap into the quantum at will
I can feel if I am being pulled out of alignment, even just a tiny bit
I know how to stay in my truth no matter what is going on around me
I’ll give you two examples that happened yesterday….

  1. I’m in London on my own to see HH Karmapa and went into the supermarket on my way back to my dwellings. As I perused the isles looking for sparkling water and a lemon, my eyes rested on brown Hula Hoops. These were my crisps of choice when I ate a lot of crisps, before I went ‘clean’. A little voice said “Dom is not here, you could have a packet and nobody would know”
    I stood back from the voice and watched its path across my mind, and then laughed.
    I just got triggered!
    I politely told that voice to f*** off, smiled, and found the water and lemon: I DO NOT WANT TO EAT THAT PROCESSED RUBBISH as it lowers my vibe and hurts my body.
  2. Once back at my abode I am sitting in the communal sitting room eating my dinner (humous, crackers and salad with the sparkling water and lemon). Someone else comes in to have their dinner also and puts the news on. I DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS. He asked did I mind and I said ‘no’.
    I carried on writing in my journal, capturing what my mind was up to after such an epic day. I was aware of the news headlines in the distance but refused to let it upset my evening, or be pulled into it.
    My choice.
So I spent the evening meditating after my dinner; the perfect opportunity to do so. Usually there is so much to do in the evening at the retreat centre, but here in London on my own there is nothing so off I went onto my cushion (which was actually a pillow). It was bliss.

I am still assimilating yesterday; the presence of my teacher, there is much from yesterday and I am sure today that I will share with you over the coming days, weeks and months.
But know that my heart is wide open from this experience and the teaching, and I share this vibration with you on the quantum every second of the day….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝I have been thinking about how my meditation and ‘self work’ is now totally unrelated to my ex addiction. So Year 3 makes complete sense. To start the QS program addicted and full of guilt and anxiety, and to complete it 3 years later as a free person, who loves themself, trigger-free, sure, focused on consciously creating…. wow!! This is indeed something worth shouting about. In a very chilled out way, of course 😂🙏

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