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I’m currently conducting a little experiment.
You know that feeling of inner contentment that rushes through your whole being when you do something that is really good for you: like drink enough water throughout the day; resist the crappy party food and only eat salad; or not drink alcohol on a night out and be the only one the next morning to not feel like the worlds about to end.That. You know the feeling right?

Well I decided last week that I quite like feeling good about myself. After all I have spent most of my adult life with a hangover and wondering why the hell I did what I did the previous night.
Now sober, it’s great being more conscious about how I act, what I say, and think.

So now I feel it’s time to take it one step further.

For the past week –and I have no idea how long I’m doing this for by the way but hey lets just see what happens! -I am ONLY doing things that are good for me.

  • ONLY eating foods that nourish me
  • ONLY drinking liquids that cleanse me
  • ONLY saying words that support me and others
  • ONLY thinking positive, uplifting, inspiring thoughts
  • ONLY doing what drives me forwards rather than staying stuck/moving backwards.

So my day starts with my own practice, and if I have a super early appointment then I either get up earlier or do my practice later, BUT I DO NOT MISS IT OUT. I am only eating nourishing organic produce, tons of high quality supplements, my favourite herbal teas and of course glass after glass of filtered water.
Ingesting ONLY high vibrational foods.

So why don’t we behave like this naturally?

Why don’t we automatically look after ourselves to the best of our ability?
Why do we eat crisps, sweets, stodge and fast food?
Suddenly I am seeing things with new eyes, and it’s bonkers!
Why have I accepted what I have always done and thought it was enough? Because it’s not! I’ve long called ‘naughty’ food a ‘cheat’ meal, because I know I am cheating my body and mind by eating it. We all know that alcohol is a toxin but I drank myself to a near early grave. Why? I’m intelligent, I know the dangers, yet still I have been doing this my whole life.

Not now, however. It’s time to choose a higher vibrational way of living, and so far so good!!

Coming home
This is what it feels like to me.
Living like this is coming back to my natural state.

Think about babies being born into this world in their natural state, with their soft skin and pliable minds. Then as they get older society places layers of conditioning on them, guiding them a certain way so that they fit in with everyone else. School, parents, friends, government, employers: all playing their part in how this individual turns out.

For me I woke up nearly 20 years ago and started a journey to find out WHO I WAS underneath the layers that had been placed upon me. Slowly I have been emerging, little by little becoming MORE ME, and less what society wants/expects me to be.

Society, and us, create a tough shell of expectations, standards, judgments and responsibilities around us. It is hard to penetrate through to our soft underbelly, but this is the place that our intrinsic self resides and where, if we choose to, we can find answers to all of the questions we’ve ever asked.

I’ve been seeing life through societies filters, no wonder things feel a little different now!

If you think about the lotus flower, it has to push it’s way through mud to find the surface and become it’s full potential. Not surprising then that this gorgeous flower is a symbol of enlightenment in Eastern traditions.


And this is GREAT news for us!! It literally does not matter where you are now!! We ALL have the potential for greatness!!

Life changed for me just over two years ago on Sunday 14th October 2012: when I had my last drink. I’d given up cigarettes, cocaine and partying a number of years before that, but alcohol was the first substance of choice of mine that was so socially acceptable. Suddenly I was refraining from doing something that EVERYONE else still did.
I had to go against society.
But I knew it was the right thing to do for me. To find the real me locked away inside. And now I NEVER have the urge to drink alcohol, in fact the thought repels me!

Then was sugar’s turn.
Another socially accepted drug, one that EVERYONE consumes.
I haven’t touched the stuff for nearly one year: last Christmas was the final time I ate ‘normal’ chocolate and sweets.
And do you know what? I literally couldn’t bring myself to eat it now!
At Inner Guidance we make raw chocolate from ceremonial grade cacao that we import from Guatemala, and it tastes delicious.

It’s a total no-brainer!

And as I peel away the many layers of my life-onion, I like what I find underneath more and more. I have increased energy for life, and extra motivation to do the best I possibly can.

I like that feeling.
I like me.
I feel amazing and ALIVE.

So close your eyes right now and take yourself to a place when you were good to yourself. Perhaps it was yesterday or this morning, or maybe you have to think back a little further….
Remember how good it felt to nourish and respect yourself. How your body and mind responded to this act of self-love whether it was exercising your body, eating high vibe foods, or taking a rest when your whole system was crying out for it.
We may have felt self-righteous, pleased with ourselves, or even judged others for the choices they were making in that moment….but try to remember how it felt.
Can you taste it? And do you want more now?

Why don’t you join me in the quest for feeling good? Why don’t we all DEMAND a high vibe life! And have the highest vibe Christmas on record
Let me know how you get on over on social media xxx

*this blog was originally published in December 2014

Member Quote Of The Day.

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I got invited to a party last week and realised a few days ago I’m not worried about it. I would have worried that I couldn’t be social without the booze before. So I think it’s such a slow process sometimes we don’t see how far we have come..
Residential Retreat and Online Member

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