Day 3️⃣6️⃣5️⃣: Do This ONE Thing

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Day 365
I wanted to end this year of blogs with the subject that I end the QS retreats on
Your ONE and ONLY true job in life
Which is to

Hold The Vibration Of Truth

For whatever frequency we are in, is what we are bringing into our lives
I think that most people think that they walk IN to life
When actually it is the opposite:

You CHOOSE the frequency
Then life is attracted TO it
Like moths to a flame
And the moths don’t care that they might be hurt or killed by the flame, they HAVE to approach it, just like we pull people and experiences INTO our life depending on our vibe.

We cannot experience something that we don’t believe
There are no great shocks really
(or shouldn’t be!)
For when we become CONSCIOUS creators, rather than UN-conscious creators, we can only pull in what is relevant to us.

Meditation is of course the way to become conscious
To understand self so much that you know that what is around the corner is going to be wonderful! You ONLY pull in what is in alignment with your heart.

What I teach is how to drop from the head (ego)
Into the heart (truth)
And live from that place
Once you have dropped down your ONLY job is to

Hold The Vibration Of Truth

That’s it
Life gets so simple
Because this is literally your only job
Keep checking in
Keep dropping down
Are you in alignment?

Are you being true to yourself or have been pulled back up to the head (ego)?

In this way life comes TOWARDS you
Rather than you walking into it
You sit on your cushion and connect
This is called the ‘inner work’
And I also call it ‘the only work’
Because really nothing else matters
Everything else is fitting in to what others want, or what you SHOULD do
But it is not your truth, unless your heart says so

Close your eyes now
Drop down into your heart
What is it telling you?
Can you hear the internal voice?
If yes, then follow it
If no, then continue to sit and learn to listen
This is validation for your heart
When it feels heard and trusted then its voice gets louder 🔉🔊
That’s it
Life gets so simple
Because this is literally your only job
Keep checking in
Keep dropping down
Are you in alignment?

This year of blogs has been both enlightening and challenging, and I will now work to get the body of work into a book. As I said yesterday you will still hear from me everyday, but the longer blogs will be reduced to once or twice a week and instead I will deliver short bursts of motivation. A snippet here and there to set your day up with a particular intention, or question for you to ponder. Keep letting me know how you have enjoyed my year of blogs as I would love to include some testimonials in the book (thank you to everyone that already commented yesterday).

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Today I realized that my sobriety is my real identity
I can honestly say that this has been the most beautiful year. Realization of really knowing my heart and getting to know myself better. It’s 8 months this Monday *** can’t quite believe it. Xxx

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