Daily Motivation – Week 7

Day 43

How You Can Save The World


How You Can Save The World


Actually You Can’t Save It.

No one can.
And if we try to we are wasting precious energy.
When you turn on the TV you get bombarded with adverts of starving children, with celebrities pleading with you to part with £5 a month, and have you noticed how that makes you feel? Does it lift you and make you feel good inside, or does it create fear and a feeling of ‘you should give to this charity or you are a bad person’?
Do you think that your £5 per month, even if you were to give to every single charity that are requesting it, is going to save the world?
Because it isn’t.
All these adverts are based on fear.
On making you feel bad about yourself.
On making you feel bad about the world that you live in.
It is the old way of the world, based on lack.

Now I am not suggesting that you stop giving to charity, but as we give birth to a new paradigm it is time to do things differently. And we move from ‘how can I save the world’ to….

How Can I SERVE The World?

This is how we are going to be living our lives from now.
In service.

Service transcends save

Save is unequal; we are better than them.
To serve is to say we are matched, and offers support.

And the greatest service you can give to the world is to be the best that you possibly can be. By becoming sober you are showing the world that it is possible to do so, and giving the green light to others to do the same; what greater gift can you give to your friends, loved ones and community?

By getting well yourself you raise YOUR vibration first.
You then share that lifted energy with everyone that you come into contact with.
They consciously or unconsciously FEEL it.
It rubs off on them whether they like it or not! 
You’ve just given them PERMISSION to do the same.
And this is how it works.
This is how we spread the message and empower others.
Long gone are the days of disempowerment and hierarchy; we live in a world where we are all equals. And those that we look to for support are those that are doing the work; that realise that you never ‘get there’, for it is an ongoing journey to total liberation….


Day 44

It’s Today.




Four Years Ago Today.

I took my last drink ever.
And I knew that it was my last because this time something was different.
Something in my mind had changed, and it was strange because I didn’t even tell anyone outwardly that I’d just had my last drink because they’d heard it all before, many many times.

So this time I kept it to myself.
Like a gift that no one knew about.
The ultimate gift an addict can grant themselves; to finally step off the merry-go-round once and for all.

And because I’d outright made the decision; had made some sort of internal pact with myself; fully committed to a new way of life, even though it was scary, IT WAS EASY.

And it was weird.
Because it wasn’t the same as all of the other times that I’d ‘tried’ to give up.
A fundamental shift had occurred and now I was bigger than it.
I felt that all of the times before had seemed to be such an effort because it was still bigger than me, but now I had done ‘the work’ and because the internal shift had happened, a key turned and everything was different.

I’d never been here before.

My first sober day was a Monday and that first week wasn’t too bad. However, I got an almighty trigger on my first sober Sunday. Dom and I were in the kitchen cooking a roast, it was noon, and he cracked open a bottle of wine.


It hit me like a sledgehammer.
“Drink!” it said
And I had an image of a huge monster towering over, with me powerless underneath being eaten alive, and I absolutely knew that:


I had a choice,
Either allow myself to be consumed by this monster, or change the story for good.
It was a quantum moment for I remember everything about it; I can take myself back there in an instant, into the kitchen of my old house; looking out of the window to the street; knowing that I was about to rewrite the script.

“I could have a drink” 

I allowed the thought to enter my mind, and then I examined it.
It hung heavy in the kitchen as I heard the TV from the living room and kids shouting at each other upstairs.
I quickly jumped to a few hours ahead and saw myself drunk and slurring my words, and then a flash forwards to the morning with a heavy head and regret in my heart, and I knew that I was ready for this moment.

Then I watched as the monster shrunk and I towered over it.
I had killed it in that instant.
I was now bigger than it.

And from that moment it all changed, I had experienced my own power.
I understood what it meant to TRANSCEND the addictive urge.
To laugh at it and know that from now on whenever it came it was that monster trying to trick me, but I had now got it sussed, and so it was dying. And believe me it didn’t want to die without a fight, it kept on going for the next few weeks and months BUT I became accustomed to it and began to wait sometimes for the urge; and I was always ready for it!

It actually became a game
And every single time the urge monster came at me it was smaller than the last time, and never again was it as big as that first day.

For I had stopped feeding it.
And anything that has had it’s food supply stopped is going to die.

Four years later and looking back on that day is like a different life.
I can recall it in an instant but there is no emotional charge.
For I am totally free.
And I couldn’t be happier about the fact that I will never drink again, for it represents all that was rotten in my life. And freedom is bliss.

No more running away.
No more numbing out.
Now it’s about living in full technicolour!
Feeling it all.
Experiencing everything.
Nothing is off limits now.

And if you are not there yet, then please know that it’s possible.
Please connect to that place in your heart that is free,
and come home to yourself.

You deserve it.
You are enough.
Please come and join me in heaven on earth xx


Day 45

Everything Is Falling Apart.


The Year Of Completion.

Have you noticed how everything is falling apart?
Crumbling at your feet?
Coming to an end?
Jobs, relationships, cycles, addictions, etc…

Have you noticed how the world seems to be falling apart?
Political madness.

Well it is
…the OLD world is anyway.
And it has to, to make room for something new to emerge.
We are in a closure year:

2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9
And I think that just by knowing this it helps a little; it explains what you may be going through, and give comfort that it’s not just happening to you!

So can you embrace the changes?
Be ok with your world crashing around your ears?
Allowing your OLD world to fall SO THAT you can walk easefully into your new world?

I can see this all around me.
And because I know what is going on I am not scared.
I can accept fully that as what I want out of my life leaves, it may go kicking and screaming, but I’m all right with that.
Can you be?

Next year will be a 1 year
= New Beginnings.

So you see that you HAVE to get your house in order NOW so that you can welcome in the new energy of one in January.

2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 1
In your meditation today ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is out of alignment?
  2. How am I being incongruent with who I am becoming?
  3. What needs to go to allow me to emerge as my future self?
  4. What do I need to do today to make it happen?
Can you take one step today?
And then another tomorrow?
Slowly gradually stepping in the right direction towards your dreams?
And if you do you will wake up one day as I did yesterday with four years of sobriety under my belt and feeling on top of the world; that is just around the corner for you too….We hold many events in November as I find this the best time to GET READY for the new year and to think about the current year; what has worked? what needs to change? And how can you make the shifts that you want to?
Details are below about our:

  • One Day Workshop = Saturday 5th November
  • Weekend Retreat = Friday 25th – Sunday 27th November
  • Five Day Residential = Monday 14th – Friday 18th November
Get ready for 2017
Learn everything that I know about how to get free and happy.
Master your life!
I am here waiting to share what I know with you, and I can’t wait to do that!
I hope to see / meet you next month….

Day 46

Possibly The Best Testimonial In The World.


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

” Reasons NOT to go on retreat…..NONE! I have just floated back to my new, alternative reality after a week retreat at Inner Guidance. Did I arrive like that? NO? Was I convinced that it would change my life …frigging NO WAY! Oh boy did I think of excuses not to go – Jo and Dom have heard them all, yet they wait patiently on the quantum knowing that when the time is right we will arrive. I have been on many non alcohol retreats over the years. This is a totally new experience. The programme is so beautifully structured introducing the alternative in a comprehensive, subtle way that you absorb almost through osmosis. Coupled with this you are living this reality, as Dom, Jo, and the team live this every single day…I felt one of the gang, accepted into a lifestyle where the people around me understood me, which was such a relief. through the compassion and experience of all at Inner Guidance I was able to let go of stuff from many years in the making that I had used to create a vacuum, one I filled with alcohol, my only perceived friend. I have thanked my friend and have left him behind, I have new friends now, he served a purpose then he doesn’t now. I am so full of new energy and enthusiasm I just had to share. I have been here on the programme since May and have seen the joyful posts as I open another bottle of red, resentful because I couldn’t see a way to have this optimism and purpose, I was the drunk on the sofa passed out embarrassing myself and my family. If anyone still doubts then just don’t. The hardest part is getting yourself to Inner Guidance then the rest is taken care of for you! there is so much care and love. I am grateful to all there, thank you from my heart.
M, Residential Retreat & Online Programme, UK


Day 47

The Next Phase

Coming Soon...


Into Retreat

I have a very busy time ahead over the next couple of months, including a 10 day retreat which begins next Tuesday, and I have to lead by example by practicing what I talk about everyday.

So to Scotland next week I go to an island with no roads or cars.
With no internet because it is so remote and the cable company refuse to get the private ferry over. They are self-sufficient with vegetables and the food is amazing.

I am going over to primarily finish writing my book, ‘Quantum Sobriety’ and to map out year two of the online programme seeing as year one has been such a huge success. I cannot tell you how proud of the community I am, and how watching members taking control of their lives and waking up to the knowledge that freedom is available to them, is simply the most rewarding ‘job’ satisfaction that a person could have.

My retreat marks the beginning of ‘phase two’, which is when the programme grows and will reach out to a much wider audience; QS Mentors will begin to lead their own groups in 2017 and my dream is that QS will offer an alternative to AA in every town and city in the world. And don’t get me wrong, AA is absolutely brilliant for many and it is wonderful that it is so readily available once a person is ready to reach out and make changes.

However, there are also many that it does not resonate with and for those people QS usually does. There is a new kid on the block, a new approach, a new way of living and it’s called FREEDOM in sobriety rather than struggle.

And I began this book on the island that I’m travelling to next week one year ago, and I thought that the book was complete back then. However, the quantum had something up it’s sleeve and the more I fought for the book to be published at the beginning of this year, the more struggle I experienced. And I know by now that struggle is a clear indication that something is NOT in alignment, and so I backed off and let it be.

So for eight months I have not written any more in my book, I’ve let the concept rest and mature; concentrating on the online programme and community as it has developed. And now as we are in it’s ninth month, the book is ready to be birthed into it’s second phase, and I can see what a much sharpened offering it is going to be because I allowed it to grow for the nine months it needed to reach full development.

So I will not be sending out daily motivations from next week for 10 days as I retreat myself for the second time this year.
Recharge my batteries.
Close the retreat centre (husband will be pottering around the place fixing stuff).
So important for our marriage too that we give each other space to be who we are as individuals…..

And as the seasons change; the leaves fall off the trees; longer nights with the clocks changing (on the 30th); there is an internal shift too.

Don’t fight
You have all of the answers within
So listen closely to the voice of your heart

NB: For any Soberistas members I am giving a teaching on Quantum Sobriety and jumping into parallel universes tonight at 8pm. Hope to see some of you over there later.

Day 48

The Opposite Of Addiction Is NOT Sobriety

The Art Of Letting Go


The Art Of Letting Go

The opposite of addiction,
Is connection.

And connection has two sides that we must look at in detail to heal;

  • Connection to self
  • Connection to others

Connection To Self
The fast track is through daily meditation; sitting quietly and watching thoughts pass through the mind. Learning to allow them to be there and the art of letting go. The magic of this is that when we learn how to do this during meditation, the ability then spills over into everyday life and, hey presto, when a trigger to drink/drug/binge comes along we know how to let it go already.

The need to reach for food, booze, drugs, sex or whatever is to anaesthetise oneself from what is truly going on.
That is disconnection. 
So when sitting in meditation and allowing it all to be there, we learn to see the true picture; the WHY we are needing to numb out, for if there was no reason there would be no urge. So, sort the reason out and you extinguish all desire to escape from your current reality.

Connection To Others
Is through community.
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” Jim Rohn
Surround yourself with support, with your peers, with those that lift you up.

And the thing is when we go through a period of great change, we often leave our loved ones behind; they are not transforming and can’t understand why you are. In this situation it is imperative that you find a community that gets the new you; the expanded you; that supports the person who you are becoming.

If you want your situation to change then you are going to have to do something different, for if you sit and do nothing then guess what? Nothing is going to shift and you will continue to go around and around in circles….

DAY 49

Where Are You Living From?

Conscious vs Subconscious


If we are made up of just 5% conscious mind and the rest is our subconscious, where are YOU spending most of your time?

If you are caught up in logic and reason, worrying about what others are thinking, and going over and over the same problems time and again then the chances are you are hanging out in the wrong place.

For if we want to live in peace, flow, serenity and connection then that is never going to happen if we are living in our conscious minds. It’s like splashing around at the surface of the water and missing out on the epic underwater palace that we’ve not even noticed underneath.

We’ve got to dive deep if we want to reap the underwater treasure, and this is one of the meditations that I teach. Really it’s an analogy of what is going on in the mind; constantly tied up in thoughts and worries, or learning to let that all go and get underneath to what is really going on.

And then physiologically we are moving brain activity when we submerge into the depths of our minds, with different areas of the brain lighting up in MRI scanners showing us that we stimulate the areas of peace when meditating while the more stress-prone sections become quiet and dormant.
Therefore, we are literally not the same after meditating, and doing it day after day is having a hugely beneficial effect as the above changes become more and more ireversible.

What is really exciting, and what I have actually experienced in my own life is the peace I reach in on during meditation then gets prolonged into my ‘off the cushion’ life, and I have become a much calmer, more together person because my brain has now changed permanently.

The thing is deep down in our minds is where peace, contentment, connection and sobriety live. And if we are not prepared to learn their language then we are never going to be able to live in their world. So we have to go to school, begin to understand this new world and get to know the environment, making it our new normal.  I hope you can join me….




In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
Morning all – just finished my month two meditation which is wonderful, I was really in my alternative sober reality and trust that this is (will be) my true reality now and my addicted, self loathing, stressful, unhappy reality will be the alternative
V, Online Programme, UK


“Perfect timing as ever, Jo….I felt a weight lift from my shoulders just reading what you wrote. Thank you.
H, Online Programme, USA


“Everything is breaking down!!!
I feel like a HUGE change is brewing.. I want to quit my job, sell my house, move city/country change everything….I’m all shook up. I really really want to retreat and figure it all out and re-emerge a different person. Freaked out.

D, Online Programme, UK


“I see the mentoring as being the ultimate accountability of sobriety.. Sorry getting really excited!
J, Online Programme, UK


“If you want to talk about it and have a big virtual hug msg me. I really know how you must be feeling and the fear, guilt and disapointment. Hope youre ok xx
M, Online Programme, UK


Yesterday, whilst out driving along in the sunshine soaking in the beautiful colours of the autumn leaves I suddenly had a wonderful thought play about in my mind. 

If I think about smoking a cigarette it repulses me, the smell, the thought of holding a cigarette, inhaling the smoke – feeling sick, coughing – yet many years ago it was second nature to me to have a drink with a cigarette. 

If I think about being handed a glass of prosecco, cava, champagne I get a tingly feeling of excitement.

But, something has changed the thought of a crisp glass of white wine doesn’t make me tingle with anticipation – it certainly did only a couple of weeks ago but now the thought that springs to mind is of the empty bottle that will follow that glass.
J, Online Programme, UK


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