Daily Motivation – Week 5

Day 29

I Know What Is In Store For You


Dreams Are Written In The Stars


Right now close your eyes and think about what you want for yourself in the future.
What are your dreams?
What are your hopes?
What is deep in your heart waiting to manifest?


Have you noticed that we are all searching for something different; no two people have the same set of dreams?
Have you noticed that we all find different people attractive?
Have a contrasting taste in job / house / clothes?

Each of our hearts speak our own individual language
….and that is our soul expressing itself
First you have to listen to the call
Then you must trust the message
Finally you BELIEVE that your dream can come true

For you wouldn’t have it in your orbit if it wasn’t supposed to happen. You simply do not have other peoples dreams in your heart. Why would you? It would be a complete waste of time! So if it is there it is supposed to happen.

You can remove any doubt you have about your future RIGHT NOW.
You want sobriety?
Dream about the day that you no longer want a drink / line / sugar-binge?
Well it is destined.
It is written in the stars.

It is your truth.
And all you have got to do is BELIEVE it and it has to come true.


Day 30

There’s Magic All Around: Can You See It?




When you are in alignment with your heart you see magic all around you, for life is truly miraculous. However when life dictates TO you and you react TO it with no connection to the heart whatsoever, we get swallowed up by life.

Needing to numb out and reaching for food and/or substances is a sure sign that you are not listening to your heart, for the language that it speaks is pure magic itself. 

What makes you happy?
What makes you feel balanced?
What makes you calm?
What makes you smile?


Make time to get aligned.
Meditate everyday.
Notice your breath.
Drop down to your heart and listen.

We are not meant to be unhappy, stuck, sad, unfulfilled, bored, stressed or anxious; all sure signs that the heart is not being listened to.
Get rid of all and everything that brings you down, and ask yourself,

“Why do I think it’s ok to have this burden in my life? Why am I not ridding myself of this weight? Why am I carrying it around with me and wondering why it is making my back hurt?”

Where is the magic? The awe? The joy?
How can you bring the lightness and laughter back?

I have stumbled around in the darkness of my own demons, bumping into every skeleton in my closet and sat them all down and got to know them. And the funny thing is that these scary situations that have held us back for so long are actually like tiny peas under a mountain of mattresses; we have magnified them out of all proportion. Some will have bigger stories to overcome but for the most part the teeny tiniest imbalance, left undealt with, can turn into a black hole that needs filling and any substance will do; booze, stimulants, shopping, gambling; all giving us an immediate relief from the imbalance, but all taking us AWAY from what our heart is really asking us for.

So it’s time to listen.


And my life is dedicated to sharing this message of HOW to transcend addiction. There isn’t any other work I could do now, and if I did something else then I wouldn’t be listening to my heart. And it is so effortless; all I have to do is share my truth. I write everyday, invite those that want to dive in to meet me so that they can gain a deeper understanding of what is possible, because I am standing right in front of you,

“I’ve done it.
I’m happy.
It’s wonderful here.
Please join me.
Why wouldn’t you?”

And why wouldn’t you take the next step?
Why wouldn’t you join the course or come to a workshop or retreat?
And because I have touched in on the magic in my heart, a magical house showed up and all of the days are held here in it’s embrace. And we are in good company on the quantum because the Gandhi family have been here, royalty have visited, global leaders have created treaties and an international peace movement was led from Hill Farm, Suffolk.

Throughout its 500+ year history this house has soaked up the energy of its guests, and this is why Dom and I were called here to do the work that we do.
So why wouldn’t you join us on this high frequency of internal peace and alignment and receive yourself insight into what it actually feels like.

There is magic within these walls.
Alchemy happens.
And it is available to you.
Here is your invitation…..

Day 31

Stoptober is here! Are you joining us?


What’s your poison? Yesterday I did a livestream over in the Quantum Superpowers Facebook page to mark the start of Stoptober today and the New Moon last night. THIS is the ideal time to make positive changes and use the collective energy of others doing the same this month. I hope you enjoy the message!


Stoptober Is Here!


Day 32

Feeling smug or full of regrets?


Feeling SMUG


I’ve experienced many kinds.

For two decades a Saturday night didn’t go by without a large amount of drugs being consumed and the Sunday morning daybreak a firm friend. When I lived in Thailand I used to frequent an establishment that was the other end of the village that I lived in so had to do the ‘walk of shame’ in daylight; hoping that not too many people saw me in last nights fancy clothes smashed out of my head.

I would then go to bed at noon and sleep until dark, awakening like a creature of the night unable to bear the sunlight. I’d eat crap because it was the only thing I could stomach in my drug battered state…..

Then I moved back to the UK to get away from cocaine, and wine found me.

For the next six years Sunday mornings, and most others too, bequeathed me the feeling that you have when you’ve had a general anaesthetic: not really feeling in your body, removed from your spirit, numb from reality.
And then of course ‘the horrors’ would set in: what did I do last night? what did I say? who did I text? Because I can’t remember a thing.

I hated it.
Yet I was seemingly powerless to it.

How was I going to get myself out of this continuous loop of doing something that I knew I didn’t want to do? Why was I still doing it day in day out? Why couldn’t I just LET GO of the story? Why was it so hard?

A few days ago one of the QS community asked me the following question,

I was just thinking 🤔 How on earth did you find the strength to get sober – meditation ‘Yes’ but on your own without a community supporting you – that really is some kind of miracle 🙏👼 ”

And I am going to talk about this extensively on this afternoons private livestream with the Quantum Sobriety group:
How I did it
How I got free
What they can do today

Because today I feel SMUG
I now love Sundays so much because each one serves as a reminder of how far I’ve come. How much richer my life is in every way.
I’m in love with life.
In tune with myself.
And know that I will NEVER have another drink again.
Those words are like magic in my ears you know, ‘I will never have another drink again’
There’s no fear.
No regret.
I don’t ever feel like I’m missing out.
In fact I feel like I’ve won the frigging jackpot:


I’m a winner.
And winners are joining my community everyday
More an more of us waking up on a Sunday morning feeling SMUG.
Are you one of us?


Day 33

Back To Bliss 1: First Taste Of Freedom.


Back To Bliss


Our ‘Top-Up’ retreat starts today which is open to anyone that has already been through the full five day residential retreat, and forms ongoing support throughout the first few steps of sobriety.
It’s a journey.
A process.
Not a state that you suddenly become (for most) but more like subtle shifts that happen over the course of months and years.

Although four years ago when I took my last drink I was so sure in that moment.
It was time to get my life back, a life that I had given away back in my teens to cigarettes then drugs and alcohol. From the age of 15 to 40 I had dulled life with substances, removed myself from source energy and numbed out for 25 years.


Throughout all of that time I was searching.
Looking for that which I now know I was extinguishing.
The paradox of my life.

You see I first felt freedom as a young child, probably four or five; a moment of utter bliss, pure connection, a divine calling. It lasted just a few seconds but was, as Wayne Dwyer calls it, a ‘Quantum Moment’. I can remember where I was standing in the house I grew up in, the smell, the taste in my mouth, every detail in fact of that beautiful moment.

And then amazingly it happened again a year or so later, this time in the garden of the same house and again I can remember now every detail of that moment in time where I was in tune and plugged in to source.

Those two Quantum Moments ultimately have defined me 

Firstly in a negative way through 25 years of searching to recreate them through artificial means (drugs and alcohol), but fundamentally deep in my heart because I’ve witnessed it at such a young age, these experiences have given me an unshakable faith.

And I’ve not talked about this before to anyone; it’s not in my first book; i’ve never referred to them in a blog before, but now seems like the right time to share the foundations of what QS is built upon.

That I can look back 40 years to the first Quantum Moment and see the journey I took to get back to source, back to bliss, full circle, freedom.

Yet this is not the full story, there is another factor, one which I will share with you tomorrow…..

For now it’s preparation time for our guests arriving later, on their own paths back home to source, and I feel like the luckiest person alive to be able to support them as they journey deep within themselves.


Day 34

Back to Bliss 2: How Does Your Orchestra Sound?


Back To Bliss


When I get asked the question (as I often do) ‘how did you get free’, the answer is very much multi-levelled. I talked yesterday about the very beginning; the first taste, and it was something that I didn’t understand and certainly wasn’t prepared for. It led me to search for 40 years to recreate it and there is no wonder to me that my first dabble with drugs was with ECSTASY. For it literally took me to the place that I was unconsciously searching for.

I guess the search has been the theme of my life, but then isn’t it everyones?
Aren’t we all seeking happiness, love, joy?

Many years and much soul-searching later I found myself in 2011 at near breaking point. I’d had a 5 1/2 month stint of sobriety, where I felt amazing, but was spiralling out of control when the fateful ‘just one drink’ became a six month bender. I think that once we have tasted sobriety and the sweetness that it brings to our lives, any subsequent binge sends us into a deep dark tailspin. Couple that with a very stressful job I was doing at the time and needless to say I was low.

One of many breakthroughs in my journey to freedom came directly through having therapy, and I always advise my clients to team the QS online course/community with one-to-one therapy, so that you can get to the very heart of YOUR story.

So I began a course of craniosacral therapy with an amazing women and on about the seventh or eighth session it happened.
I got myself deep into meditation during the session, clearing my mind and allowing her to tap into my system. Afterwards I felt amazing and as I opened my eyes and looked at her I was shocked at what I saw; she literally looked as if she’d been pulled through a bush backwards!

“Have you ever nearly drowned Jo?” she asked
“No!” I retorted
“Mmmm” she became very thoughtful and then said “What was your birth like?”
“I got stuck and it was a very difficult birth” I told her
“Ah that makes complete sense”

She then went on to explain that she had just experienced my birth; she’d literally pulled me out by the shoulders, thinking at the time that she was rescuing me from drowning in a lake or similar. As soon as she said it my mind snapped back to the session and I remembered halfway through that I felt someone was sitting on my chest and I could hardly breath, and then I took an almighty deep breath:

That was my first ever breath that I had again witnessed on the quantum, through bending time and space, reliving it so that I could release the energetic imprint it had left on me and which was literally ‘holding me back’ in life.

We sat and talked about it and so much became clear in those magical moments.
My very first experience of life was struggle.
And from that difficult beginning I systematically recreated situations to struggle in my whole life. It was like struggle was my set point, my norm, and so the addictive cycle played beautifully into that deep-seated unconscious belief I had had from birth.

And so you can see that I would have carried that around had I not released it. After we talked and I verbalised what I was feeling I began to jump around the room like a child; I had literally just been reborn. 

So many of our clients report that feeling too.
‘I feel reborn’
‘The retreat is like a rebirth’
‘It’s a new beginning’
‘I am/feel different’

And you are.
And we each have a story like an orchestra; so many different parts playing their own piece, yet making up the whole. No one has the same set of pieces that I do; no one else had the traumatic birth and the moments of bliss at aged 5 like I did, no one took the exact same path as me, and only I can sort it all out so that it makes sense and I can move on from it. And that can only happen if you are WILLING to go there.

I am lucky beyond belief that I was willing.
That I wanted to clear it all, no matter how painful.
And we all have a different orchestra remember, a different tune, different instruments. But we ALL have the opportunity to get the orchestra playing together, in harmony, and instead of the sound being unbearable, YOUR group of musicians have the potential to become magnificent.


Day 35

Sober And Single

By Nikki Kendall




Most of us single’s have been hit with the two pronged “Are you seeing anyone?”, “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone” cattle prod. Sometimes it’s difficult to say; “For the first time, I’m seeing myself”.

Stopping vandalizing ourselves can be just the beginning. OK, so I stopped harming myself and drinking but it didn’t mean that haven’t been more than ready to allow someone else to do a disservice to me and treat me as though I wasn’t enough. Dating people who would be drunk and absent. Cancel on me at the last minute, time after time. Talk down to me. Intimidate or embarrass me. People so emotionally unavailable I felt alone every second and wondered what was unlovable about me. People so wrapped up in their own struggle that they were inaccessible to themselves let alone be in a position where they could provide any comfort to me.

Dating sober I feel I have experienced people more fully and I really believe that, sober, we can see intoxicants of any kind more clearly. I wonder whether some of the people I have dated for a few weeks sober, would have still be around for months or even years when I was drunk: all the time banging my head against a brick wall and hoping they would magically open a door to honesty and affection where they realised at last that I had some value!

We have to stop putting people ahead of us. We don’t drink, and yeah, maybe in an ideal world our potential partners wouldn’t either, but the chances are – they will. We can’t aim to change people, but we can have a clear idea of what we will accept and what we will not. I know that someone choosing to drink would never be a temptation for me to, stop me from getting to know them (and their drinking) and eventually, if a relationship was right, it would mean my partner wouldn’t choose alcohol as a priority and me as an option.

And being single can sound pretty lonely and awful to other people but, I can tell you, being lonely in an unfulling relationship is so much harder than sometimes feeling lonely alone. Being single has meant I have built relationships with people (including myself!) that I love and who serve me in every area of my life. The people in my life bring as much to me as I feel I bring to them, and that’s all I want.

And please let’s not kid ourselves and pretend we couldn’t all be in a relationship if we wanted to be. We’re all single by some kind of choice: I choose to be single until I find someone who deserves to reap the benefits of all the work I’ve done and continue to do. Getting sober has meant uncovering the best parts and being the best version of myself I can be – my unwillingingness to compromise that will be worth the wait and I know my partner will be pretty amazing and have done some of this work too.

We should always refuse to lower our standards to meet someone that refuses to raise theirs. And I don’t think it will be easy (possible even) to find someone that ticks all the boxes – but I do know that when we find someone that we have a real connection with, compromise in a relationship will be easy, because it will never compromise our happiness.

Quote’s of the week


In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
” I have always felt that is was a miracle that helped me find this place 
D, Online Programme, USA


” I’m grateful for the calm and peace that my sobriety is giving me, after the turmoil of the past months this is just amazing. I’m really feeling this momentum and its pushing me further away from my addiction and towards my infinite potentiality. I feel so excited for today and everyday that I can fulfil my dreams and help others to achieve theirs. 
K, QS Diamond Package, UK


” It is the best decision I have made (to join the online programme) as nothing else that I have tried in the past has worked and I had given up hope but it is the daily ongoing live contact to Jo and all of the special members that is giving me the strength to take each step in the direction to freedom 
J, Online Programme, UK


” I have gone a whole six months no drinking. Cannot quite believe it. AND up early to go for a run 
V, Online Programme, UK


” Last night while in my bath, I started contemplating my journey. This is what I was thinking about: You have all heard the term “dry Drunk” which is when an alcoholic quits drinking but still acts like an asshole drunk. Well since I started QS I had a very successful first four months, then I entered a rocky period. I have gone through the rocky period and came out the other side. However, my thought process is one of a sober person who slipped up and drank. Just the opposite of the dry drunk. Hopefully you can understand what I am trying to say. Even though I had slipped, I still retained what I learned here and was able to use the tools to get back. That is a major shift. My confidence is much higher now that I will be able to stay on this journey and realize all of my potential. If you are struggling, use the tools provided to you by Jo De Rosa and the rest of the group. It will get better. xoxoxo 
D, Online Programme, USA


” I remember saying that I was scared and apprehensive about coming on the retreat and it was the best thing I ever did 
S, Residential Retreat & Online Programme, UK


” A unique and powerful course that gets to the core of the issue. There is no judgement in this course; everybody here understands and support is available all the time. The Facebook group is amazing and you are never alone and never judged, not matter what you may be struggling with, help and love is always available….. 
J, Online Programme (Feedback at 3 Months Sober), UK


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