Daily Motivation – Week 4

Day 22

A Groundbreakingly Epic Day.


Yesterday I held the very first Quantum Sobriety meeting here at the retreat centre and participants shared where they were, where they wanted to be, let some sh*t go, set intentions and then we meditated together.
It was beautiful; a coming together of like-minded souls and I could see strength and motivation building as they inspired each other to walk into the future they deserved.

Yesterday also set the president for Quantum Sobriety’s future, as plans for more meetings to be held around the world became firmer. This really is the future of sobriety and it is my intention for the approach to become widely available to anyone that resonates with FREEDOM.

And as I hurtle towards four years of sobriety myself (next month) I will be making more plans for these groups to be launched in early 2017. Excitingly there are already members of the online community who have put their hands up and are eagerly waiting for the go-ahead from me, and are watching as the pieces of their own puzzles are forming with venues being lined up already!

The thing is when you are in alignment life is effortless; you don’t have to do a thing; the quantum is forever listening to your every thought, and acting upon your intentions:


It happens anyway consciously or unconsciously and has been for the whole of your life. With QS you begin to consciously create your life, meaning that you pull into your orbit that which lifts and expands your evolution. And when you are in a community you become accountable; you see them do it and it pulls you UP.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
Jim Rohn

Who are YOU spending time with?
What are YOU filling your head with?
Who is affecting YOU?
What are YOU allowing into your periphery?

Be very careful friend, protect your world with utmost guard.
For what is there, even on the sidelines, will seep in to your subconscious mind and lay seeds of which will grow into future events, relationships and experiences.

Instead surround yourself with those that will ELEVATE you; that pull you UP.
People and beliefs that stretch you into who you want to become.
Is life right now as you want it?
If not then get into alignment with your dreams, with freedom, with the happiness that you deserve. For just like gravity keeps our feet on the earth, so our thoughts and beliefs magnetise into our reality…..


Day 23

And It All Finally Comes Together.

Coming Together


I think everyone can feel how time seems to have changed by speeding up dramatically as we fly into October at the end of next week! And since last weeks full moon the energy seems to have got especially strong.

What I am witnessing is the polarity of life increasing as everyone is currently at either end, with very few people in the middle. So what this presents as is either great struggle; literally as if your world were caving in; wars, terrorism, violence, addiction, despair etc…. or the opposite with everything coming together.

My advice is to ride the wave of this expansion rather than be pulled under by it.
But how? 
Well just like a surfer LEARNS to jump up on his board and cruise effortlessly and enjoyably into shore he first needs the following:

  • A teacher to show him how it’s done
  • A community to motivate him
  • Commitment to PRACTICE the move over and over again 

We get small shifts all of the time, sometimes not even noticing them and then all of a sudden we get a ginormous one and realise that we’ve got one foot up. Many give up at the first hurdle and surrender into the bottle not willing to try again, but I think if you’re reading this you have found this blog because you ARE willing, you ARE strong enough and you ARE ready to do this.

For me all of the moving parts that have been floating around my head the whole of my life are falling into place one after another, and for the first time in my life I am seeing with absolute clarity. I’m living from my truth, no filters applied, and it is so obvious to me to show others how to do this also. I mean why wouldn’t I?
So I invite you to join me in the QS community, to get your pieces of the puzzle in order (for the answers are all within you) and live the life that you deserve. Please don’t accept any less any longer, because NOW is the time….

Day 24

No More Running Away.


Let The Struggle In


The work is to sit with what you are feeling rather than hiding it away or masking it with a substance, and meditation teaches us exactly that each day. We are priming ourselves every time we sit on our cushion; learning HOW to remain present with life.

And difficulties come.
Urges come.
Fear rears it’s ugly head.
And our job is to remain with whatever enters our orbit.

And this journey within is such a rewarding one EVEN THOUGH it is raw, real, and in your face. You HAVE to face life head-on, as the days of running away and numbing out are gone. You KNOW that you cannot do that anymore, for it doesn’t serve you any longer. And the most amazing part about the QS community is that we have each other, we understand each other, it is like we are one.

Can you sit in the fire?
Bear the thoughts that come?
Be ok with your demons?
For if you can you will transcend them, and from the flames your future rises. The struggle an integral part to your development, don’t make it wrong, for it had to be this way.

Let the struggle in.

Don’t fight.
Sit with it.
Allow it.
Transcend it.


This is the only way to freedom; you have to be willing to move into and through the pain, the suffering, the reasons you started to use in the first place. And if you are willing to sit in the fire then you my friend are in for the most incredible life; full of manifested dreams.
But you got to do ‘the work’ first.
And in our fast-living society we are not used to waiting for anything.
So, are you willing to sit in the fire this Saturday?

Day 25

Stop Feeding The Trigger.


Dream Big


As we begin on a new path the balance begins to shift and when we are triggered ultimately we can turn either left or right; towards or away from the urge to use. The trigger comes in and we turn left into it and where we’ve always been; for me this was the direction of all that was wrong in my life, or right and heading into the life we’ve always dreamt of having. So,

Don’t Let Your Addiction Be Bigger Than Your Dream

In the beginning the triggers / urges are not going to disappear completely, but your reaction to them has to change if you want to move on. The definition of madness according to Einstein is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Turn right instead of left.
Notice how much ‘charge’ the trigger has.
And as you begin to turn right more and more often this ‘charge’ HAS to diminish,


Stop feeding it and it’s gone.
Stop feeding anything and it dies.
Recovery couldn’t be simpler really; just don’t do it anymore. But just like the simplicity also of meditation, ‘let go of thoughts and allow the mind rest’, it’s easier said than done!
Simple instructions to both, but not easy to accomplish because we live in an age of accelerated living; we expect everything to happen NOW! We don’t want to wait for:

  • Food
  • Weight loss results
  • Saving money

We rush around everywhere like crazy people, always busy, overwhelmed by life and our addiction. We feel so alone, yet everyone seems to be doing the same thing, if not with substance abuse then something else; a detested job, an unhealthy relationship, problems with family, health issues and the list goes on…..

The answer?

Don’t Let Your Addiction Be Bigger Than Your Dream

And surround yourself with your peers.
Who do you want to be like?
Who inspires you?
Who is already doing what you want to achieve?
Be like them.
Act like them.
Hang out with them.
And then become more like them.
Your dream has to be BIGGER than your addiction.
And stop FEEDING that which you no longer want.

Have a great Sunday xx


Day 26

What Are You Waiting For?


NOW Is The Time


What about Saturday 1st October?

We can come up with excuse after excuse to not address our addiction, but when ‘Stoptober‘ comes around we are actually being given an amazing opportunity.
Let me explain with some leaves (sorry the video is a bit windy!)…..


Day 27

Rewriting The Story


The Urge To Use


Freedom In Sobriety is a state of mind for we all know someone at each point of the spectrum; someone who drinks too much and doesn’t even register that they need to curb it; another who is aware of their excessive drinking but doesn’t know how to address it; those that are ‘trying’; others who have stopped but continually find sobriety difficult for the rest of their lives. And if you don’t know anyone else who has become free from being a slave to their addiction, you now know me who has let the story go completely.

It has gone.
I made the decision.
My mindset shifted back in 2012, and then finally on 14th October I took my last drink.

In the beginning I got triggered, and the urge to drink came often BUT something had changed within me and the uncertainty vanished. In it’s place came an unshakable resolve and deep within me I knew I was never going to drink again.

My understanding of the addiction deepened and I realised that it was the booze in the first place that was CAUSING the urge to drink. Something monumental had shifted in my mindset and now I watched those triggers come in, and actually enjoyed them, for I knew that every time I resisted one I was killing the addiction. I knew that next time it would be a little easier because I already had done it once, and then twice, and then three times.

Rewriting The Story

That strength and resolve came from within me.
It wasn’t anything that anyone said or did, rather a knowledge that came from my core.
And those triggers were like evil temptations trying to pull me from my path of truth; just like when Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree until he became enlightened; dancing ladies were formed in his mind as ego died, trying to seduce him from his path, and he could have gone to any of the decoys sent to distract him from his journey of inner realisation.

And our sobriety journey is so similar.
Somewhere along the line we have to break the circuit that is playing over and over again. We need to realise that it is the alcohol that is CAUSING the withdrawal symptoms, so rather than keep ploughing your system with the very substance that is causing your discomfort, get rid of it, and ENJOY THE PROCESS of this poison leaving your body and mind.

Do you know what, after literal years of struggle to stop smoking, drugging and then drinking I found it EASY in the end because my mind shifted. The struggle fell away completely and I enjoyed the process of becoming free…..


Day 28

Total Overwhelm

Are You Ready?


2016 has been the year of planet retrograde madness with the majority in together for much of the year. No wonder it’s been so crazy! What this means for us is a sense of pulling back, of feeling that everything is more of a struggle than usual and its very exceptional to have so many planets in retrograde all at once.

However the good news is that the overwhelm you’ve been feeling this year can be explained, plus we’ve ALL been feeling it.

The other piece of good news is that most planets have now gone back into a forward trajectory, with the big bad boy Mercury coming out last week. So what has happened now is perhaps even more unexpected…..


Which can be very scary.
Can you feel it?
Is life and this year rushing ahead in an unbelievable manner?

With so many planets pulling back for months, and now all of them moving forwards all of a sudden this is having a dramatic effect on us. And if you are not aware of these planetary manoeuvres then you may feel even more off kilter, so I hope that these words are of comfort.

The thing is that if you are not willing to ‘go with the flow’ then you are going to feel this resistance in a really big way. I’ve noticed over on our online programme that there are many struggling right now, because they’re not quite ready to leave their old life behind. The comfort and security from what you know (even if it’s killing you) can not be underestimated, for projecting our minds into our new life where we’ve never been before can be alarming and intimidating; which is why it’s so important to surround yourself with those that understand you, have been there themselves, and who have your back.

Now more than ever before it’s time to take a quantum leap of faith

To step out and TRUST that everything is going to be ok, that the dream of freedom that you have in your heart is in fact your destiny.
Can you do that?
Can you muster the courage?
Are you ready to harness this monumental and unique energy that we are experiencing right now?
It’s exciting.
This is the time for transformation.
This community is here for you….


Quote’s Of The Week


“Amazing afternoon in Lavenham. So lovely to catch up with fellow QS friends. Thank you Jo and Co for the lovely welcome and chilling meditation.
Hope lots more will join us in October xxxx “

B, Online Programme, UK


“I experienced the most amazing meditation about four years ago . A lady was sat by the shore , would not show her face but had something wonderful to give me but not at that time . Long story to tell but , your message tonight was inspiring as ever and I feel that now is my time . Thanks xx “
Zoe, In The Quantum Superpowers Group


“Went to AA for 3 years. Most people 10 plus years sober, a lot 20 plus. Nothing as uplifting as yourself..thank you. The amazing thing about you Jo is you are there everyday. There is nothing else like this xx”
Caroline, In The Quantum Superpowers Group


“I feel inside that there is something missing and I know that this void if you like is ready to be filled. At this time , the meditations have been wonderful and I know there is so much more to explore. That really excites me, giving me the buzz and motivation to find things out and move forward. “
Z, Online Programme, UK


“Bit of a turning point yesterday.. I was on the way home from work and thinking about wine as usual as post work wired feeling always has me thinking about it.. Suddenly I imagined drinking and it felt acrid and vinegary. And I realised I didn’t want wine….
V, Online Programme, UK


“For me this group has helped me to understand what I need to address and stop avoiding. And it hasn’t always been easy, it still isn’t, but I am SO much happier.
V, Online Programme, UK


“Welcome! You are in the right place and everyone has given such great advice! Just keep posting and sharing. The meditations are life changing. It’s doing them regularly that’s sometimes the challenge! 
M, Online Programme, USA


“Grateful for the awareness I have that I may be in a vulnerable stage of sobriety right now… This is because I have now got used to it and feeling the benefits of it has just become normal.. I am aware this can be a stage where I may forget why I stopped in the first place and it could be a place where it “seems” ok to just have the one (as if).. The awareness will keep me aware this is not true
J, Online Programme, UK


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